“Thirty-nine years ago, I made a commitment to my mother and grandmother to become a nurse. This commitment was made during a time when my grandmother was very sick and suffered with a seizure disorder and kidney failure. I loved helping my mother take care of her. As a teenager, I helped my mother care for my sister who later died with a diagnosis of malignant brain tumor. It became obvious to me early on in my life that I loved caring for people. This wonderful trait has stayed with me throughout my nursing career.

Debbie Campbell, Nurse with RBHC

Today, as the Director of Nursing and Clinical Services at Riverside Behavioral Health Center (RBHC), I completely embrace the importance of caring for those who are in need. The Mission, Vision and Value statements of RBHC clearly support my philosophy on caring for patients and residents. The thread throughout the mission, vision and value statements address the importance of providing quality, education, caring behavior and compassion to all of our children, adolescents and adults in need of behavioral health care.

During the Week of the Nurse last May, our Nursing Leadership team hosted their 4th Annual Nurses’ Retreat.  The key presentation included re-introducing the Nursing Theorists, Jean Watson and Hildegard Pepleu, to all of the nursing staff. The Nursing Theorist who I believe best describes caring is Jean Watson. Jean Watson defines caring as a ‘special way of being-in-relation with one’s self, with others and the broader environment. Such relationship requires both an intention and a commitment to care for the individual. In other words, the nurse has to be conscious and engaged to care in order to connect and establish a relationship with the cared-for to promote health/healing.’

In summary, I love caring for people… I love nursing. I truly believe in the ‘Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you.’ ”

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