Nursing leaders at Riverside help drive, support and model a service-oriented culture focused on team member engagement, quality, patient safety, service excellence, fiscal responsibility, efficiency and the overall patient, resident, participant and client experience.

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What it takes

At Riverside, we are looking for nurse leaders who are:

  • Experienced, with leadership and management skills
  • Passionate about nursing and evidence-based practice
  • Organized, detailed and decisive
  • Focused on mentoring, empowering and inspiring others
  • Good at listening, communicating and team-building
  • Focused on collaborating with the interdisciplinary team to advance quality strategies, ensure a professional work environment and facilitate timeliness of services
  • Models for effective leadership behaviors to achieve organizational outcomes

Meet Riverside's Chief Nursing Officer

Dr. Nancy Littlefield is a fourth-generation nurse leader.


Email or call 757-534-JOBS (5627) or 866-929-9905.