Each nursing team member is integral to achieving Riverside's mission. Certified Nurse Assistants are valued members of Riverside nursing. If you are a CNA looking for the best professional environment, you may belong at Riverside.

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Want to be a CNA?

Check out the Nurse Aide educational program offered by our Riverside College of Health Careers.

About CNAs

CNAs make sure patients receive the day-to-day attention they need to get well and live comfortably while they are hospitalized or living in Lifelong Health facilities. They keep living conditions safe and clean; record, measure and report vital signs; help move and transport patients; assist nurses and doctors; and communicate with the patients and health care teams. CNAs can work in a variety of environments, including acute care, rehabilitation, home health and Lifelong Health. At Riverside, we are looking for CNAs who are:

  • Certified as a CNA in Virginia
  • Passionate about providing quality day-to-day care for patients of all ages
  • Dedicated to working closely with the health care team
  • Family oriented
  • Concerned about the well-being and comfort of others


Riverside is committed to helping team members further themselves professionally. Many of our nursing leaders started out as nursing assistants. All Riverside CNAs are encouraged to enhance their skills through our Riverside College of Health Careers.


Email employment@rivhs.com or call 757-534-JOBS (5627) or 866-929-9905.