If this is your first visit to our Riverside Careers site, please review the following helpful information before you launch our online employment application.

Before you get started…
You will need the following information to complete an online employment application.

  • Education history
  • Current/previous employer information to include position, dates of employment, reason for leaving, supervisor name and telephone number, salary information
  • Professional references - names and telephone numbers
  • Resume – you will have the option to attach it to the application

You will need to disable any pop up blockers or set your computer to temporarily allow pop-ups from our site.

Once you get started…
If this is your first time applying to Riverside Health System click Apply Now!

You will create a personal User Name and Password before you can begin the application process. You will enter the requested information on the Applicant Profile screen to create your personal log-in information. It’s important to remember your User Name and Password.

If you have completed this process in the past, please enter your User Name and Password under Returning User.

Application Options

  • Copy – This option is available if you have previously applied for a position with Riverside Health System. Your information will be copied and you will be able to view and edit. This function will only work if your first name, last name and social security number are an identical match to the information on your last application. For example, Joe Smith and Joseph Smith will not match.
  • Upload My Resume – You may upload an electronic version of your resume to pre-fill parts of our online application. When you select this option, you will be directed to locate your resume on a computer or a disk. Our software will then use the information in your resume to complete many of the fields of the application. You may review the application, edit any answers and complete the questions not pre-filled from your resume.
  • Complete the Application - Select this option to begin completing the online application.It is important to select Save often on the right hand side of the screen while completing the application to save your information and prevent loss of data in the event your computer loses connection from the server.
  • Submit - Once you have completed an application, click on Submit.

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