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College Catalog

Transcript Requests

To order Riverside College of Health Careers transcripts please submit the Transcript Request Form and fee to [email protected]. Transcripts submitted from other schools are not accepted at this email, please contact Admissions for further instructions.

Alternate submission options:
Fax - 757-240-2225
Mail - Riverside College of Health Careers, 316 Main Street, Newport News, VA 23601

Student Resources

The College offers Student Advising, Faculty Access, Career & Employment Assistance, Malpractice Insurance (for the duration of guided practice in pursuing a degree program), Disability Support Services and Student Organizations. Please review your course catalog for more detailed information. 

Nondiscrimination Policies Overview

It is the policy of Riverside College of Health Careers to maintain and promote equal educational opportunity without regard to race; age (except where age is a bona fide clinical requirement); color; sex; gender identity or sexual orientation; cultural, ethnic or national origin; religion; marital status; military or veteran status; pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions; genetic information; disability; physical or mental condition(s), as long as the condition(s) do not limit the applicant/student’s ability to perform the Essential Program Requirements with or without reasonable accommodations as outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Title III Public Accommodations, ADA Amendments Act of 2008, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1992, Section 504; the U.S. Department of Justice’s revised final regulations implementing the ADA; Va. Code (annotated) §51.5-44; protected activity; or any other legally protected status in its educational programs or activities. Inquiries concerning this policy should be addressed to the College Disabilities Officer who can be reached at 757-240-2203. The campus is handicap accessible.

Accommodations for Disabled Students

Disabilities accommodations in college are those supports and services provided at no cost to eligible students with disabilities to have equal access and opportunity to benefit from classes, programs, and activities. Learn more here.

Title IX Compliance Coordinator

It is the policy of Riverside College of Health Careers to maintain an educational environment in which sexual and gender-based harassment are prohibited. Persons reporting sexual harassment, which includes sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking, are provided support and avenues of redress. When sexual harassment is brought to the attention of the College, it will take prompt and appropriate action to end the conduct, prevent its recurrence, and address its effects.

Inquiries or complaints, including complaints of sexual harassment or discrimination, may be referred to Melissa Wilson, Title IX Coordinator, in person or at:

[email protected]
316 Main Street,
Newport News, VA 23601
(757) 240-2203

Read more on our College Policy on Sexual Harassment.  

The Title IX Coordinator and College employees involved in sexual harassment investigation and adjudication receive annual training that includes:

  • Clery Act Campus Security Authority Training;
  • Responding to and Prevention Strategies for Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, and Stalking as required by the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA); and
  • Title IX and Responsible Authorities Reporting Requirements under Title IX.

For more information please contact the Campus Administrator at 757-240-2213.

Consumer Information

The consumer information includes enrollment rate, licensure/certification pass rates, job placement rates, graduation rates, program and employer satisfaction. Learn more here

Effect of Drug Conviction on Federal Student Aid (FSA) Eligibility

Federal regulations require that we notify our students that a federal or state drug conviction can disqualify a student for federal student aid. Convictions count:

  • if for an offense that occurred for periods while enrolled and
  • if during that enrollment period the student was receiving federal financial aid such as federal loans, Pell, ACG, SMART, SEOG grants or federal work study.

Period of ineligibility for FSA funds for the possession of illegal drugs:

  • 1st offense - 1 year from date of conviction
  • 2nd offense - 2 years from date of conviction
  • 3+ offenses - indefinite period

Period of ineligibility for FSA funds for the sale of illegal drugs:

  • 1st offense - 2 years from date of conviction
  • 2nd offense - indefinite period

A conviction for sale of drugs includes convictions for conspiring to sell drugs. If convicted on both possessing and selling, the longer period of ineligibility applies.

A student regains eligibility the day after the period of ineligibility or when a qualified drug rehabilitation program is successfully completed. A qualified drug rehabilitation program must include at least two unannounced drug tests and must satisfy at least one of the following requirements:

  • Be qualified to receive funds directly or indirectly from a federal, state or local government program.
  • Be qualified to receive payment directly or indirectly from a federally or state-licensed insurance company.
  • Be administered or recognized by a federal, state or local government agency or court.
  • Be administered or recognized by a federally or state-licensed hospital, health clinic or medical doctor.

For more information about eligibility for federal aid please visit the student aid website. Information on the school's Substance Abuse prevention program is available in the school catalog and the school policy on Substance Abuse (RCHC Policy # 216) is available from the Registrar's office. The policy is also located in the Student Handbook for enrolled students.

Drug-Free Schools & Campuses: Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Report 

Riverside College of Health Career is a small, non-residential, commuter college with an annual enrollment of approximately 500 students. The College maintains a zero-tolerance policy on the use of alcohol and/or other drugs in the educational environment consistent with Riverside Health System policy. The College has no ability to affect the cost, laws, or licensure of alcohol in the areas surrounding of the campus.

The College provides a substance abuse prevention program that is designed to educate the campus community on issues of personal safety and well-being. The program provides information and resources related to the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs.  Learn more here. 

Impact of Criminal Offenses on Credentialing & Employment in Virginia

Upon graduation, prior criminal offenses must be reported on you application for credentialing examination and may negate eligibility for credentialing and employment in Virginia. Prospective students with prior criminal offenses are encouraged to contact the following professional boards BEFORE applying to the College. Learn more here


Complaints which cannot be resolved by direct negotiation with the College in accordance with its written appeals policy may be filed with: 

State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV)
101 N. 14th Street, 10th Floor
James Monroe Building
Richmond, VA 23219
Tel: (804) 225-2600 | Fax: (804) 225-2604 

RCHC recognizes SCHEV as Virginia’s State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) Portal Entity as the oversight agency assigned to resolve complaints from students taking distance education under the aegis of SARA.

The Virginia State Approving Agency (SAA) is the approving authority of education and training programs for Virginia. Their office investigates complaints of GI Bill beneficiaries. While most complaints should initially follow the school grievance policy, if the situation cannot be resolved at the school, the beneficiary should contact their office via email [email protected]. GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Webs site at

Student concerns, complaints, and appeals can also be filed with the College and program specific accrediting and/or governing agencies, the Federal government’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR), and/or the US Department of Education.

Technology Support

Technology support is provided by College IT staff and available throughout the week and with limited access on weekends.

For assistance with computers, network, or wireless issues, please call: 757-240-2466.
For assistance with the student information system (Sonis), please call: 757-240-2465.
For assistance with the learning management system (Canvas), please call: 757-240-2258.

Student Employment Policy

The College recognizes a student’s right to attain employment in related or unrelated fields. During the hours of employment, students will not represent themselves as students, wear the student uniform or display the student identification badge. Students may not substitute clinical experience received during the time of employment for clinical experience required by the individual program. Students employed in a healthcare setting must work only in their appropriate scope of practice and may not practice/perform skills learned in a program of study.


College Policy Handbook

Review Riverside College of Health Careers policies here in the College Policy Handbook.

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