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“In 30 years, I have had a lot of terrific opportunities to work with some amazing people in my same profession. There is a lot of growth potential to expand your knowledge”

— Joann Arney, HIMS Coding Auditor

We continue day after day showing up and doing our best despite working long shifts. We love our work and our organization, and we know we can get through the heavy workloads together as a team.

— Sandy Tyler, Quality Assurance Coordinator

“My passion has always been taking care of people, directly or Indirectly.”

— Cynthia Eley, HIMS Operation Analyst 

“I love that as a HIM Medical Coder I do work behind the scenes to make sure our patient’s get the most accurate coding and to ensure their information is protected.  We have a great team and I could not ask for better co-workers and management team!”

— Kara Ankenman, Inpatient Coder II

“I love my profession because it allows me to provide helpful information to the healthcare system. I enjoy cross checking Medical Records and providing feedback. My profession has allowed me to care for others as I would care for those I love, and now it allows me to check the care of others as I would check the care of those I love by reviewing Medical Records.”

— Sherry Smith, HIMS Medical Records Auditor

“I love my job and my patients because it brings me joy to see I am making a difference in their lives. I try my best to go above and beyond for them in their time of need. Seeing the relief on their faces when I help them accomplish what was needed to be done is a great feeling!”

— Kristen Lavender, Release of Information Specialist

“I work for the CDI team in the HIM department. As a CDI nurse, I am able to provide clinical care to patients with an overview of their assessments and treatments and the interdisciplinary team members that carry it out throughout the patient’s stay with us. Each patient and family are truly seen as our own.”

— Mandy Cartwright, Clinical Documentation Integrity Specialist III

“Our work is meaningful, and we do make a difference for both patients and our peers, this gives us the motivation to keep going even when it gets tough.”

— Suleika Farquhar, Lead Release of Information Specialist

“I love my co-workers! They truly represent Riverside Strong. We work hard to meet our goals and encourage one another when times become overwhelming. We are a true example of TEAMWORK!”

— Faith Chin, Quality Assurance Coordinator Transcription

“My primary role in my department is fulfilling subpoena requests, and I absolutely love what I do. Whether it’s fulfilling a request for medical records, or assisting a patient over the phone, it is always a great feeling of accomplishment knowing that I was able to provide world class assistance.”

— Kerryann Brown, Release of Information Specialist

“Nursing has given me the opportunity to meet and care for a diverse group of people. I love the challenge, learning opportunities and diversity that nursing provides. I started as a nurse’s aide while in nursing school, went straight into critical care, tried travel nursing and even outpatient GI before landing in CDI.”

— Kathy Hyatt, Clinical Documentation Integrity Specialist III

“I love my profession because I enjoy helping people, whether it be by collecting the records they need for continuation of care or for legal or Insurance purposes. I like the feeling I get knowing that I have satisfied someone by completing the task on my end. When they come into the facility for face-to-face visits I see how appreciative they are when they have received what they needed.”

— Christine Kent, Release of Information Specialist

“I absolutely love my profession as I have always loved the medical field and I love helping people.”

— Marian Ihrig, Quality Assurance Coordinator Release of Information 

“Riverside Strong means FAMILY:  HIMS is FAMILY”

— Donna Smith Release of Information Specialist

“I love being able to tell my patient’s “story” or “medical journey” through the Diagnosis and Procedure Codes that I assign to each and every account.”

— Felisha Brown, Inpatient Coder II