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Christina Barley 

Christina Barley, Asst. Dean, Surgical Technology Program RCHC



Laura Nguyen 

Laura Nguyen, Instructor, Surgical Technology Program RCHC



Abby Foster 

Abby Foster, Neurosurgery Specialty CST at RRMC



Ashley Watterton 

Ashley Watterton, CST RRMC OR



Caroline Waterman 

Caroline Waterman, CST RRMC OR



Danielle Wagner 

Danielle Wagner, CST RRMC OR



Kaiten Cooper and Sabrina Swift 

Kaiten Cooper, CST and Sabrina Swift, CST RRMC OR



Marisa Kohler and Kaiten Cooper 

Marisa Kohler, CST and Kaiten Cooper, CST RRMC OR



Sabrian Swift and Jordan Stellmacher 

Sabrina Swift, CST and Jordan Stellmacher, CST Surgical Technicians RRMC



Shadoe Jones and Kaiten Cooper 

Shadoe Jones, CSA and Kaiten Cooper, CST RRMC OR