National Health Care Supply Chain Week (SC Week), October 2-8, 2022, is an opportunity to recognize the importance of the health care supply chain professionals and honor them for their exceptional contributions to patient care and the innovative ways in which they respond to ongoing supply chain disruptions.

The theme this year “Health Care Supply Chain | Leveraging Collaboration, Driving Innovation” celebrates the central role of health care supply chain professionals in supporting their organizations through incredible collaboration and maximizing scarce resources by forming strategic alliances – the true embodiment of advancing health care through supply chain excellence.

In recognition of the hard work and dedication of supply chain professionals who support every area of health care organization, the Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM) of the American Hospital Association celebrates SC Week.

“We are extremely proud of the supply chain professionals who ensure that clinicians have access to essential medical products so they can deliver life-saving care to our patients,” says Bob Hornsby, Supply Chain System Director. “We recognize the vital role each employee plays in building operational efficiency and resilience so we can continue to serve our communities. As we celebrate this special week, we applaud everyone’s efforts. Thank you!”

RSMH Ops Team 

Riverside Supply Chain RSMH Ops Team 

Jeride Beach, Becky Mears (Courier), Patricia Morris, Nicholas Curtis, Aaron Gentry



Courier Collage 

Riverside Couriers   

Dave Johnson, Dallas Adams, Susan Wilbourn, Carol Riley, Pierre Russell, Jimmy Carroll, Shorty Jones.


Supply Chain Ops 

Riverside Supply Chain GWF Ops Team 

Tre Harris and Daniel Towns


Supply Chain Ops 2 

Riverside Supply Chain RWRH Ops Team 

Shada’ Wilson



Supply Chain Ops 3 

Riverside Supply Chain RBHC Ops Team

Daniel Towns and Dan McCullough




Supply Chain Ops 4 

Riverside Supply Chain RRMC Ops Team

Jessica McCullough and Daniel Towns