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May 2022

Team Member Recognition

Appreciation and Recognition

This month we celebrate and recognize our Critical Care, Nurses, Oncology Nursing, Healthcare Technology Management, Healthcare Documentation, National Employee Health & Fitness Day and Better Hearing & Speech. We appreciate and acknowledge all you do EVERY DAY at Riverside Health. Whether you deliver direct patient care or support those who do, your work is vital and meaningful to our team members, patients, residents and all of the communities we serve.

Critical Care staff

Critical Care Recognition Month

May is designated National Critical Care Awareness and Recognition Month. This observance is an excellent time to pause to celebrate and recognize the dedication and commitment that critical care team members demonstrate every day to their patients and their patients' families.

Critical Care Recognition Month
Ortho and Physiatry Nurses Week

Nurse's Week

May is National Nurses Month. This month, and always, we are proud of your work and proud to support you as you care for patients and demonstrate to the world the power of nurses.

Nurses Week
Peninsula Cancer Institute and Chemotherapy Infusion Center Gloucester

Oncology Nursing Month

Oncology Nursing Month to recognize the critical role oncology nurses play in patient care. We honor them for their dedication, commitment, and passion for helping those in need.

Healthcare Technology Management Image

Healthcare Technology Management Week

Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) Week, promotes awareness of—and appreciation for—the critical work of professionals who manage and maintain the vast assortment of health technology found in healthcare delivery organizations.

Healthcare Technology Management Week
Nurse using laptop while making medical records

Healthcare Documentation Integrity Week

A week-long celebration of the contributions healthcare documentation specialists make toward ensuring complete and accurate patient health records.

Employee health and fitness day

National Employee Health and Fitness Day

This day was created to promote the benefits of physical activity for individuals through their work site health promotion activities.

National Employee Health and Fitness Day
Speech and Hearing Therapy Group

Better Hearing and Speech Month

Better Hearing and Speech Month is a month-long observance aimed at increasing awareness of communication and swallowing disorders and the life-changing services that speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and those within related fields provide.

Better Hearing and Speech Month
Teacher appreciation day with Developmental Learning Center

National Teacher Appreciation Week

Teaching is known to be a time-consuming and challenging profession, so this week is our chance to say thank you to those that play or have played such a huge role in our lives.

National Teacher Appreciation Week