There are four (4) steps to enrolling in Blue Ridge PACE:

Intake – Intake usually starts when you or someone in your family, or even someone from an agency or a physician's office, calls Blue Ridge PACE to talk about your medical needs.  This call tells us that you may be interested in becoming a participant.  We will come to your home to talk with you and explain our program.  We also want to find out about your personal care needs and how you believe the PACE program may be of benefit to you. During this visit, you will learn:

  • About the eligibility criteria and requirements;
  • About the Blue Ridge PACE Enrollment Agreement;
  • How the Blue Ridge PACE program works, the services we offer, and the answers to any questions you may have about us;
  • That if you enroll, you must agree to get all your health care from Blue Ridge PACE and,
  • An estimate of your monthly cost, if any.

After this visit, if you are interested in becoming a participant in PACE, a member of the PACE Interdisciplinary Team will set up a visit for you at our PACE Center.  We will also ask you to give us permission to obtain your medical records from doctors you have seen so we can get a complete picture of your health condition.

Assessment - During your visit to the Blue Ridge PACE Center, you will meet with members of the PACE team for an assessment. After each team member has reviewed your records and information you share, the entire PACE Interdisciplinary Team will meet to create a plan of care just for you.

Family Conference - After we create your personalized care plan, we will meet with you to discuss the plan and get your feedback. If you meet the PACE eligibility criteria and you want to enroll in Blue Ridge PACE, your care plan will be finalized and an enrollment date will be set (always on the first calendar day of a month). 

Enrollment - Either during the Family Conference, or at a time scheduled afterwards, you will sign the Blue Ridge PACE enrollment agreement. This agreement includes many of the PACE program elements and your rights as a PACE participant. It also includes an estimate of your monthly costs, if any. Our enrollment specialists and other members of the PACE team will provide personalized service through each step of the enrollment process to make it as easy and informative as possible. We will always treat you with dignity and respect.