To care for others as we would care for those we love - to enhance their well-being and improve their health.


Riverside will be an integrated health system, trusted to provide our communities with care and services that enhance their quality of life.


Trust earned through safety, quality of care and service
Team work, diversity, and respect
Physician integration and leadership
Deep community involvement
Healthy growth and financial stability


What’s right for the patient or customer?
What’s right for Riverside?
What’s right for the team?
What’s right for me?

The Riverside Health System is an organization of owned or contractually managed not-for-profit and for-profit healthcare and associated support service facilities. The System is organized as a private non-profit corporation. The responsibility and authority for the management is vested in its voluntary Board of Directors.

The purpose of our existence is to improve the health status of the citizens within our communities by delivering quality healthcare. We strive continuously to perfect service and exceed customer expectations. We provide these services to all persons who can benefit from them. These services are organized in a manner that assures value by providing quality and cost-effective care and services. There is a willing acceptance of the responsibility to provide this comprehensive healthcare in the form of programs in preventive, acute, long term, rehabilitative, ambulatory, educational and home care and behavioral health. Medical services are organized to provide primary, secondary, and certain forms of tertiary care. These services and programs are conducted without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin or ability to pay.

It is the duty of the System to develop an organizational environment in which employees, physicians, students, and volunteers are stimulated to high standards of performance and commitment.

We believe in wellness and in lifelong learning. We value and praise teamwork, fairness, and respect for one another. We are proud of our role as a major employer of quality people and we encourage the involvement of our employees in community service. We also seek and enjoy the voluntary support from our community in the form of gifts of time, service, and monetary donations.

Planning is a top priority of Riverside to meet evolving community healthcare needs. To protect the quality of the delivery of healthcare in the future, we are building financial strength today. We place a spirit of cost consciousness into everything we do. And we take pride in our leadership among providers of patient care and shared support services in Virginia.

We utilize the care management process to help manage risk and maximize outcomes (physical, psycho-social, clinical, financial, customer satisfaction) at the individual level.