We have been contacted with questions related to press coverage over the July 11 – 12 weekend about Trauma Services at Riverside Regional Medical Center (RRMC).  We hope the information below addresses the most frequently asked questions generated by those stories.

There has been no change in the type of clinical coverage or responsiveness of specialties covering emergency or trauma services at RRMC, nor is such change imminent.  Some reports or on-line postings have stated that Riverside's Trauma program has closed, or that all decisions related to this important topic have been made but not shared: neither of these statements is accurate.
Some contractual issues related to Trauma have been under discussion with the parties most directly involved since April of this year.  As of the end of last week, one of the two Trauma Surgeons has informed Riverside that he will be leaving the area early this fall.  The leadership of Riverside Regional and Riverside Medical Group are working together to carefully investigate, clarify, and make recommendations on the many inter-related issues related to this topic.
Appropriately, the RRMC Board of Directors will receive and discuss an update on Trauma Services during their regularly scheduled meeting, Friday, July 17.  It is not known whether any vote related to this topic will be forthcoming - or will even be necessary – following that update. 

Riverside is aware of the trust the community puts in us around this important topic.  We are proud to be the facility of choice for life-altering situations that include trauma, but also those that are related to cancer care, heart and brain health, and many situations that challenge our population daily.  The responsibility to care for our community merits our continual evaluation of all programs.  On the topic of Trauma Services, such review has been, and is still, underway.   

Peter Glagola
Director, Public Relations and Corporate Communications
Riverside Health System