On December 13th, following a rigorous evaluation process, Riverside Medical Group and Warwick Forest received the national honor of being designated "Employer of Choice®."

This award recognizes an organization’s dedication to a higher level of employee commitment that assures customer loyalty and satisfaction. Organizations which receive this honor are able to attract, optimize, and retain top talent, and enjoy a substantial tactical advantage over their competitors,” says Roger Herman, chief executive officer of Employer of Choice, Inc. “They will have the knowledge, experience, resiliency, and power to respond quickly to their patient’s needs, delivering what patients want more efficiently and effectively than competitors plagued by employee turnover. This strength will allow them to maintain high levels of customer service and loyalty”.

These recognitions were presented because Riverside Medical Group and Warwick Forest both demonstrated dedication to a higher level of employee relationships, a level that goes above and beyond normal practices of Human Resources.

The Employer of Choice® designation was created as a commitment to the philosophies and testimonials laid out in the book How to Become an Employer of Choice, written by Roger Herman and Joyce Gioia (joy-yah). The book examines how enlightened employers can differentiate themselves from others by attracting, optimizing, and holding on to their greatest asset―their employees.


Published: December 21, 2007