Nassawadox, VA – At the Accomack County Board of Supervisors meeting last night, the Supervisors approved a conditional use permit for Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital which allows Riverside to proceed in relocating the hospital.  The new hospital will be located behind Four Corner Plaza.

“The hospital’s Board deeply appreciates the support our Eastern Shore community has shown in the planning phase of the new hospital.  Yesterday’s action by the Board of Supervisors brings us a big step closer to being able to break ground and ultimately to serving our community in a state-of-the-art hospital,” said Robert Leatherbury, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital.

At their meeting in September, the Accomack County Planning Commission unanimously voted to recommend approval to the Board of Supervisors after hearing public comment and after extensive review of site plans, elevations and traffic plans. 

The hospital and medical office buildings will each sit approximately 1,000 feet from Route 13 and Market Street.  While the site provides ample and convenient parking for visitors and staff, the importance of green spaces for natural drainage throughout the campus was a priority in the design.  A minimum of 60% of the landscape plantings will be native plants.  Storm water from major weather events will be directed toward the back of the property into two ponds designed to manage significant drainage. 

The floor plans include 78 patient rooms each of which is private and a minimum of 260 square feet to accommodate equipment, hospital staff and visitors along with the patient.

The elevations of the outside of the building show many windows to allow natural light into interior spaces.  The materials selected to construct the hospital are traditional in appearance and are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds.

Access to the hospital from Route 13 will be directly available to north- and southbound traffic via an improved existing right turn in/out driveway, which currently serves Four Corner Plaza and a restaurant, as well as the addition of a channelized left turn on northbound Route 13.  Vehicles leaving the hospital to travel on Route 13 will only be available to make a right-hand turn heading south.  The impact the relocated hospital might have on traffic in the Four Corners area (including accounting for seasonal increases in traffic, complete occupancy of the retail shops at that corner, and the addition of Royal Farms and the proposed new library) has been thoroughly studied and is expected to be minimal. 

Riverside has proffered up to $40,000 for signal coordination equipment which will synchronize stoplights in the immediate area and help improve the flow of traffic.  In addition, ambulances have remote controlled devices that allow them to momentarily turn traffic lights red before they approach an intersection so that the emergency vehicle can pass through it safely.  This will be available to ambulances heading northbound on Route 13 so that they can safely make a left hand turn into the hospital’s emergency entrance driveway.  Minor lane re-designations on Market Street are also expected to help motorists navigate the intersection quickly and easily.

Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital anchors Riverside’s services on the Eastern Shore. Additional Riverside facilities in the area include Riverside Shore Rehabilitation Center and our Riverside Medical Group physician offices. Services include: Emergency Care, Critical Care, Newborn Care, Cancer Care, Diagnostic Imaging, Family Medicine and Specialty Physicians, Long Term Care, Physical Therapy and Home Care.


Published: October 22, 2012