Robot allows increased precision, safety and improved recovery rate

Newport News, VA - Riverside patients now have access to the next generation of da Vinci surgical robotic technology. New features on this robot include: a virtual simulator, fluorescence imaging and a dual console.

The advanced robotic platform of the da Vinci is equipped with high definition 3-D cameras, which allow doctors to better see the surgical site and instruments, increasing dexterity and control.   In addition to improved control, the new surgical robot offers increased comfort for surgeons, as well as integrated technology and greater operating room efficiency.

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

"Performing a prostatectomy using the new system is far superior to previous models.  The high definition is unbelievable, the controls are more surgeon friendly which ultimately leads to better patient outcomes." said Scott Burgess, MD Urologist with Riverside Hampton Roads Urology.

Fluorescence imaging technology makes it possible for enhanced visualization during surgery, increasing the safety of the procedure and amplifying precision

"The real-time fluorescence imaging technology allows me to see and assess anatomy better than the naked eye." said Richard Rento, MD, Urologist with Riverside Hampton Roads Urology.  "During a Partial Nephrectomy on Tuesday, the florescence imaging made it very obvious what was tumor and what was normal tissue. Allowing me to preserve more of the healthy kidney while removing the tumor." Rento continued.

The Partial Nephrectomy using the fluorescence imaging that Richard Rento, MD performed was the first in the state of VA.

The dual console provides two surgeons access to the superior high definition, three dimensional vision at the surgeon's console.   This allows more collaboration between surgeons of different specialties to tackle more complex procedures.  In addition to this, it provides a platform for training residents and colleagues who are becoming more proficient in robotic surgery.

Additionally, the newly added robotic simulator acts as a virtual trainer and includes multiple exercises to assist doctors in practicing surgical skills and techniques. Through the exercises, doctors can increase their familiarity with the robot and their da Vinci proficiency, helping them become more prepared and successful when using the robotic technology during surgery. This is also important as Riverside expands the use of robotic surgery into new procedures and new applications which ultimately will lead to better patient outcomes and increased patient safety.

Da Vinci Si HDBill Irvin, MD Gynecology Oncologist with Riverside Medical Group has been using the robot for gynecological cases. Dr. Irvin stated, "The da Vinci robotic surgical platform has moved our surgical management of women with gynecologic malignancies from the Stone Age to the modern age; it is a quantum leap in the technology we are able to offer our patients and represents the biggest advancement in their surgical management in the past 50 years."

Due to these latest advancements in da Vinci technology, Riverside is now looking at additional uses for the robot that include: thoracic and colorectal surgeries to better serve our patients.

For patients, the new technology translates into less pain, quicker recovery, shorter hospital stays, a lower rate of complications and excellent clinical outcomes.  

Riverside is the only hospital in the state of Virginia with a dual console, SI-HD, with simulation and fluorescence imaging.


Published: October 13, 2011