SharecareMany consumers seeking health information turn to the web, sifting through countless options provided by search engines, one link at a time. Thanks to an innovative, comprehensive database of expert medical information in one easy to use destination, the next generation of acquiring and delivering health information is here.

"Sharecare" represents the collective wisdom of multiple industry experts including Riverside, on topics of health and wellness.  Presented in question and answer format, it is dedicated to connecting consumers, medical professionals and other knowledgeable contributors  in a way that invites comparisons that educate, empower, and continue conversations of health.  

Sharecare chief architect Jeff Arnold, creator of WebMD, and Dr. Mehmet Oz, a leading cardiac surgeon and host of "The Dr. Oz Show," formed Sharecare.  Among other partners are Discovery Health, Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Studios, Sony Pictures Television, and 11 hospital partners including Riverside, the Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins and Piedmont Heart Hospital.

Sharecare content contributors, some of the nation's most prestigious institutions and physicians in the healthcare field, along with prominent health associations, non-profits and professional medical societies, are providing their expertise to answering questions of health.   

"We are excited that these forward-thinking hospitals have joined the ranks of leading physicians, book authors, nurses, leading brands and non-profit organizations to provide diversified and expert answers to questions of health and wellness," said Jeff Arnold, chairman and chief architect of Sharecare.  Sharecare's mission is to become the central repository of accurate, multi-perspective and high quality answers to questions of health.

"We're deeply committed to consumer education on matters of health. Through, our affiliation with the Mayo and now Sharecare, Riverside physicians and other distinguished clinicians are sharing expertise with consumers in Hampton Roads and beyond" said Riverside Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Barry Gross.


Published: October 7, 2010