Kyle Allen, D.O.Newport News, VA - Riverside Health System is pleased to announce the addition of Kyle Allen, D.O. as the health system's Clinical Chief of Geriatrics and Lifelong Health.  In this role Dr. Allen will be the medical lead for continuing Riverside's commitment to care for the medical needs of an unprecedented aging population.

F. Michael Martin, Senior Vice-President of Riverside Lifelong Health notes, "Dr. Allen's vast experience in achieving patient safety and improved health goals for the most vulnerable elders will advance our mission for this special population."

Dr. Allen specifically will assist Riverside's system-wide efforts to improve aging related customer service, care coordination and transitions as patients move between the many health services needed by older adults.  He will create teams with other clinical leaders to develop or implement evidenced-based care protocols for those older adults suffering from multiple complex chronic conditions.  Along with improving quality, these teams will also develop programs to reduce waste and inefficiencies in complicated, multi-dimensional care, meeting the mandate of containing escalating costs in healthcare. Such activities will further reinforce Riverside's leadership capabilities in high quality and efficient aging related health as Medicare and other insurers transition to a more accountable care environment. 

Dr. Allen joins Riverside having established a nationally renowned career in geriatrics at Summa Health System in Ohio.  He is Board Certified in Geriatrics and Family Medicine and has invested his work life in building systems, teams, and processes that improve geriatric safety and care across a wide array of services. Dr. Allen's professional career has spanned aspects of care from private practice, clinical educator, researcher, Veterans Affairs clinician, chief medical officer and service line leader.

One of Dr. Allen many accomplishments was the establishment of the "Institute for Senior and Post Acute Care", now recognized as a template for excellent, integrated geriatric care.  He believes in innovation and working collaboratively with the entire medical community to coordinate a comprehensive approach to chronic disease and elder care. Dr. Allen has also assisted the national government and healthcare leaders with his proven approaches and helps develop new ideas to address our country's aging related health care challenges.


Published: September 21, 2011