Gloucester, Va -- Siemens Medical Solutions announces that healthcare providers in several regions have recently gone live on Soarian®, Siemens new generation health information solution, with modules including Soarian Clinical Team, Clinical Access and Scheduling:
Riverside Walter Reed Hospital of the Riverside Health System in Gloucester, Va., which was previously the first hospital to go live on two Soarian clinical modules simultaneously, has now added Soarian Clinical Team to its Soarian Clinical Access and Soarian Common Clinicals modules. The Soarian Clinical Team module offers functions such as Nursing Assessment, Patient Charting, and Intakes & Outputs.

Lakeside Hospital of Omaha, Neb., part of the Alegent Health System, has gone live on Soarian Clinical Access, a longitudinal clinical repository that enables users across departments to view patient histories, demographics, allergies, results and images from multiple information systems, in a single object-oriented database.

Saint Joseph's Medical Center of Yonkers, N.Y. has gone live on Soarian Scheduling. Saint Joseph's previously used manual (paper) appointment scheduling, but is now entering more than 100 appointments per day through the Soarian Scheduling automated solution.

Riverside Walter Reed Hospital, a 70-bed facility, trained 200 users on Soarian Clinical Team in its hospital-wide implementation. In addition, the hospital is the first to use the Intakes & Outputs and Vital Signs functions hospital-wide. Other live functions include Admissions Assessments, Census Viewing, Charge on Order, Event-Driven Routing, Full Assessments, Full Order Entry, Results, Worklisting, and Kardex Reports.

John Stanley, senior vice president and CIO of Riverside Health System, commented, "As we continue our Soarian rollout, we're moving incrementally toward our goal of a complete electronic health record. Every implementation brings both challenges and rewards, so I commend the tremendous effort and dedication of our hospital staff, Information Systems department and Siemens for keeping us at the forefront of IT innovation."

The new Alegent Health Lakeside Hospital, a full-service, digitally-driven "smart" hospital that opened August 2, is now live on Soarian Clinical Access, which has been seamlessly integrated with Soarian HIM (Health Information Management); SIENET® RIS/PACS and imaging modalities including X-ray, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MR), ultrasound, mammography and nuclear medicine systems; Siemens Pharmacy; and INVISION® Patient Management.

According to Dr. Michael Westcott, Alegent Health's medical director of informatics, more than 500 clinicians have been trained on the system so far, and their feedback has been very positive. He added, "With Soarian Clinical Access, all documents are captured through the system or at the point of creation/registration, thus enabling Lakeside to dramatically reduce its reliance on paper charts. Medical images and documents are available from any device, and our staff can access them on any floor of the hospital using card swipes and fingerprint IDs. Our physicians also have access to these applications from their homes and offices."

At Saint Joseph's, a progressive medical center including a 194-bed acute care hospital and a 200-bed nursing home, seven registrars are now using Soarian Scheduling to schedule between 500-700 appointments a week for 40 resources within Saint Joseph's Family Health Center.

Soarian Scheduling is supporting the Family Practice, Obstetrics, Colposcopy, Social Work, Prenatal, and Muscular Skeletal departments, as well as the Procedure and Dietary Clinics at Saint Joseph's. According to Deborah DiBernardo, director of Information Systems, the facility plans to continue its Scheduling rollout to the URGI Center and Radiology next, and then expand hospital-wide to the remaining outpatient clinics.

"Soarian Scheduling is helping us maximize our resources and provide even better service to our patients by having more complete clinical and financial information available when we book appointments. The system will not only empower us to meet the demand for seamless, personalized service, it will also give us the tools to measure and continually improve it," DiBernardo noted. Saint Joseph's handles more than 300,000 outpatient visits annually.

"As a group, our Soarian customers are experiencing greater efficiencies, improved care delivery and increased staff satisfaction," said Thomas Miller, president, IT division, Siemens Medical. He added, "Many of these providers' experiences also demonstrate how a Siemens INVISION customer can incrementally move to a Soarian environment while applying the best of both worlds in the interim."

Soarian integrates clinical, financial, diagnostic and administrative processes to support patient-centered care. The solution is distinguished by three innovative characteristics: it is workflow-engineered to synchronize processes across the health enterprise; its smart user interface is designed to accommodate tasks based on the roles of individual users; and it has embedded analytics that empower users to proactively monitor and measure an enterprise's performance, and then act on those conclusions. Additionally, by bringing together images and data seamlessly from a variety of medical modalities in one location, Soarian helps facilitate more informed clinical decision-making.

Siemens Medical Solutions of Siemens AG with headquarters in Malvern, Pennsylvania and Erlangen, Germany, is one of the largest suppliers to the healthcare industry in the world. The company is known for bringing together innovative medical technologies, healthcare information systems, management consulting, and support services, to help customers achieve tangible, sustainable, clinical and financial outcomes. Employing approximately 31,000 people worldwide and operating in more than 120 countries, Siemens Medical Solutions reported sales of 7.4 billion EUR, orders of 7.8 billion EUR and group profit of 1.1 billion EUR for fiscal 2003.

Published: September 21, 2004