Most Wired 2011 winnerNewport News VA — Riverside Health System has been named to the nation’s Top 100 Most Wired Hospitals/Health Systems, according to the results of Hospitals & Health Networks magazine 2011 Most Wired Survey and Benchmarking Study. This marks the seventh consecutive year Riverside Health System has achieved this designation.

Medication reconciliation, a process to accurately identify the prescription drugs a patient is currently taking, is one area that clearly demonstrates the value of the Most Wired designation. Riverside’s electronic medical record allows Riverside Medical Group physicians to immediately review a patient’s retail pharmacy prescriptions as far back as 6 months any medications prescribed for the patient during recent Riverside hospital stays or office visits are also apparent. This more complete history and timely information  helps a physician keep his or her  patients safer as they review it for unintended drug interactions or for medications that should have been discontinued as a condition improves,

 “Simply stated, better information leads to better and safer treatment of our patients.” said John Stanley, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer. 

The Most Wired designation also highlights Riverside’s ability to meet Medicare requirements for meaningful use of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). On April 19 of this year Riverside Regional Medical Center, Riverside Tappahhanock Hospital and Riverside Walter Reed Hospital were the first Virginia Hospitals to successfully attest to Medicare’s Meaningful Use Program. Legislation establishing "Meaningful Use" regulations was based on the economic stimulus package of February 2009. Based on this legislation, incentives are provided to hospitals and physicians who "meaningfully use" EMR technology.


Published: July 18, 2011