And second in Hampton Roads

Newport News, Va. – Riverside Regional Medical Center (RRMC) jumped to the #2 spot, up from #5, in the latest U.S. News & World Report’s annual Best Hospitals ranking. RRMC is the highest-ranking hospital on the Peninsula.

"Riverside Regional Medical Center best hospitals ranking is due to the skill and dedication the physicians and team members show to every patient we care for each and every day." said Patrick Parcells MD, Senior Vice President and Administrator Riverside Regional Medical Center."It is great to be listed as one of the best." Dr. Parcells continued.

The hospital rankings are like a GPS-type aid to help steer patients to hospitals with strong skills in the procedures and medical conditions that present the biggest challenges, U.S. News Health Rankings Editor Avery Comarow said.

"All of these hospitals are the kinds of medical centers that should be on your list when you need the best care," Comarow said. "They are where other hospitals send the toughest cases."

The study evaluated 4,825 hospitals. In addition to be ranked #2 in the region, Riverside Regional Medical Center was named a high-performing hospital in three specialties – gynecology, nephrology (which is the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases) and urology. Factors such as patient services, safety and survival rates; volume of cases; nurse-to-patient ratio and reputation were used to determine high performers.

Minimally invasive surgery in urological cases is becoming the norm at Riverside with the increased use of the newest DaVinci Robot. "During partial nephrectomies, the fluoroscope option on the robot helps highlight the outline of a tumor allowing precise removal and less time in surgery" said Scott Burgess MD Riverside Medical Group Urologist and DaVinci surgeon. "The robot and our medical skill definitely has increased precision and allowed us to do more difficult cases" Dr. Burgess continued.

"It’s exciting to see that the effort that we put forth to ensure quality is getting recognized," Jeff Henke, M.D., chief of Riverside’s women’s health service line. "This differentiates us within a very competitive market as a leader, as the place you’d want to go if you’re going to have a gynecological procedure performed. It’s a differentiator that should help a person make a decision about where they receive their health care."

Both Dr. Henke and Dr. Burgess give credit to Riverside’s efforts to become a physician-directed health system. Getting doctors involved in health system operations improves patient safety, they said.

The complete rankings and methodology are available at


Published: July 17, 2012