Strong words of tribute to Riverside for leading this new concept

Governor Tim KaineGovernor Tim Kaine attended a special ceremony at Riverside PACE on May 14, praising Riverside’s leadership in both the development for the PACE program and in statewide leadership for funding new programs in insurance availability for small companies. He also joined Dr. Donald Fischer in presenting the 2008 Preeminence Award to Riverside Medical Group (RMG) from the American Medical Group Association.

Riverside President Rick Pearce noted that "with the Governor’s leadership and support from Secretary of Health and Human Resources Marilyn Tavenner and the General Assembly, Virginia has been on the forefront of new ideas such as the Program for All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)."

Mr. Pearce noted that our PACE program, here on the Peninsula, and the one we will open in Richmond later this year, are innovative ways to help those most at risk (those who are Medicaid and Medicare eligible and spacerwho have income below 200 % of the poverty level) get care in their home and community.  

After just four months this program is caring for almost 50 patients who otherwise might have had to go to a nursing home and, in one case, has allowed someone to move back from a nursing home into a home in the community. 

The Governor has also been creative trying to help those working uninsured get low cost health insurance through a pilot program of the State, business and employees sharing in the cost of basic health insurance coverage. 

The Riverside Health System Foundation was also going to provide $1,000,000 in matching funds to expand this program to reach more people in the region that we serve.  

Although this was not approved during the recent General Assembly session, Mr. Pearce announced that Riverside Health System will be working with the State and insurance companies in our region to develop this program. 

Our hope is that by providing this seed money the State, insurance companies and other health care providers will also join in finding solutions for the working uninsured.


Published: May 23, 2008