Newport News, VA - The Virginia Department of Health has approved a Certificate of Public Need for a new CT scanner at Riverside Walter Reed Hospital in Gloucester. This new scanner will be in addition to the existing CT scanner already in use at the hospital.

A Computed Tomography (or CT) scanner is a specialized type of X-ray machine that produces a three-dimensional image of the area being examined. It can be used to "look" inside the human body without surgery when trying to detect aneurysms, tumors, internal injuries to vital organs and bones, blood flow blockages, lung disease and many other medical issues.

The request for the new CT scanner by Riverside Walter Reed Hospital was based on the population growth in the areas served by the hospital. The second scanner will help to increase Riverside's ability to effectively diagnose patients quicker, so they can get the appropriate treatment.

The application was approved by the Department of Health because the request for a second scanner is consistent with the State Medical Facilities Plan and the Eight Required Considerations of the Code of Virginia. The project, which will include the cost of a new CT scanner and new construction to add on to the existing radiology suite at the hospital, will be funded entirely by Riverside Walter Reed Hospital.


Published: March 13, 2012