Riverside Walter Reed Hospital and Patient Safety Awareness Week 2013– 7 Days of Recognition, 365 Days Committed to Safe Care

Medication and health care culture safety are the focus as the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF) leads Patient Safety Awareness Week, March 3-9, 2013. This year's theme, Patient Safety 7/365, reminds health care professionals and health consumers that providing safe patient care requires constant dedication and effort, 365 days a year. The 7 days of the campaign also serve as time to recognize the focused work and efforts to improve health care safety worldwide.

Locally, at Riverside Walter Reed Hospital, administration and management will share best practices and top safety catches as submitted by the staff, with all employees. Supporting materials and safety behaviors will be promoted to staff through print and electronic means as well as rounding to influence- a process in which the Hospital Leadership make rounds within the facility, talking to staff and reinforcing the concepts, tools and behaviors expected within a culture of safety. All employees are encouraged to promote and utilize best patient safety practices each and every day, with special emphasis placed on it during this national awareness week.

Patients and their families will also be able to benefit from this national awareness week. At Riverside Walter Reed Hospital, Fact Sheets and Tip Sheets will be available regarding general patient safety and medication safety. Rounding will include visits to patients to assess their perception of safety within the facility.

We embrace a culture of safety here at Riverside Walter Reed every day, holding safety and protection from harm as a core value. We promote behaviors that result in safe reliable outcomes for our patients. Our safety culture recognizes risk and our daily work habits prevent errors that reduce that risk," says Dawn Laroque, Director of Quality and Clinical Outcomes. "We are pleased to participate in National Patient Safety Awareness Week, enhancing and promoting our already daily practices."

"Patient Safety Awareness Week encourages a sustainable and conscientious collaboration between health care organizations, providers, and consumers," says Patricia A. McGaffigan, RN, MS, interim president, NPSF. "The week is intended to imprint an indelible statement that efforts toward patient safety must be collaborative and that we must never be satisfied with the status quo." Since 2002, NPSF has led health care organizations around the world in this weeklong campaign in educating and increasing awareness around improving patient safety at the local level.

Published: February 25, 2013