Newport News, VA — Based on a special report released by IMS Health, Riverside Health System (RHS) achieved recognition for being one of the top 100 Integrated Hospital Networks (IHN) in the nation, as recognized by an article published in “Modern Healthcare” magazine in late January, 2012.

Riverside Health System ranked 51st on the list in 2011 with a total score of 80.64 points. In this year’s report, RHS moved up to the 23rd position with a score of 85.35. Riverside attributes the ranking change to an improved disease management initiative across the entire health system.

Integration plays the largest role in where a hospital network ranks. Riverside’s disease management approach involves the many disciplines from across our system to provide consistent documentation and care for patients using our EMR. Through this seamless integration, patients can expect better care, lower costs, and more streamlined communication from physicians and care givers when all of the hospitals, medical offices and health Services are working with the same information and history.

“Riverside’s Electronic Health Record and the role our physician group has in our approach to delivering healthcare is a key to our success in moving up in the rankings”. Bill Downey, Riverside President and CEO stated.

Another benefit of being an IHNs is the ability to achieve greater cost-savings through the elimination of redundant tests, better diagnoses of conditions, greater accuracy of treatments, and faster overall service.

Published: February 22, 2012