Rick Pearce

I am pleased to give you this update on the affiliation between Riverside and Shore Health Services.  On Wednesday June 24th, our Health System Board of Directors and Shore Health Services Board of Trustees voted unanimously to join forces. I see this affiliation as an opportunity to grow two very strong healthcare organizations, and this decision reinforces my belief that the strategies we have pursued consistently for the past several years are working.

The time we have invested to learn more about one another over the last five months has been very valuable.  The more we are in each other’s facilities, and the more time we spend with team members, the more assured we are that these cultures will blend well together.

Healthcare reform promises to change many things over the coming years, but nothing can change the fact that delivering care is about relationships.  These relationships, which will be important to our communities and to our patients for decades to come, have begun to take root.

Richard Pearce
CEO Riverside Health System