Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital has two letters of agreement to purchase property in Accomack County. We do have a preference to build on one piece over the other; however, we are still in the process of doing due diligence and evaluating the properties.  A final announcement will be made once the due diligence is completed.

Shore Memorial HospitalRiverside Shore Memorial Hospital 's Certificate of Public Need outlines the reasons to relocate the hospital to better meet the medical needs of all Eastern Shore residents.  As is required, it also specifies the diagnostic services for the new Healthcare Complex that Riverside will create at the current location in Nassawadox.  

As proposed, the Healthcare Complex will include  diagnostic, laboratory, urgent care and rehab services and a strong physician presence.

Once the hospital relocates, the above services will be offered in Nassawadox as well as the new location.  Northampton County residents will not have to travel farther than they already do to access these medical services. 

The narrative portions of the Certificate of Public Need are available for review. For additional information or if you have questions please email us at sschreiber@shs-inc.org.


Published: March 24, 2011