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Welcome to the Riverside Health System Sponsorship Application. Our sponsorships give us an opportunity to engage with local organizations who share our focus on health and wellness. We are proud to sponsor organizations that are working to build stronger, healthier communities and meet our sponsorship guidelines. Please read this information carefully and complete the application in full. Incomplete applications will not be considered for fulfillment.

Additionally, you will need to send documentation of the event and details on recognitions, sponsorship levels, and/or supplementary benefits for sponsors to [email protected].

Applicants must have a health and wellness-related cause or topic to be considered for a sponsorship. Any request fulfilled must align with Riverside’s mission, vision, and values. Also, we prefer for applicants to be 501(c)(3) organizations in good standing with the community and able to provide their most recent certification or 990 with their sponsorship application.

Our sponsorships support:

  • Health and wellness initiatives
  • Programs serving the poor and disenfranchised
  • Children, youth and community educational programs
  • Cultural and humanities nonprofit organizations in our communities
  • Organizations that support civic and economic enhancements in our communities
  • Organizations that support workforce development in our communities

Our sponsorships do not support:

  • Requests from individuals, individual fundraising events, for-profit organizations, or events that benefit general business operations of the requester
  • Programs inconsistent with our core values
  • Out-of-area organizations that have no ties to the communities we serve
  • Most entertainment or golf-related events, especially those that center on alcohol and/or tobacco-related themes
  • Political Action Committees or political campaigns
  • Groups that discriminate based on age, religion, color, race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or national origin
  • Most internal Riverside Health System programs or events

Submission schedule:

January through March Events – Submission deadline: Oct. 1
April through June Events – Submission deadline: Jan. 1
July through September Events – Submission deadline: April 1
October through December Events – Submission deadline: July 1

Once submitted, sponsorship requests are reviewed on a monthly basis and they must be submitted with a minimum lead time of three months.

Final sponsorship decisions will typically be communicated within 60 days of your application’s submission. Please note: a prior sponsorship award does NOT guarantee future funding and final sponsorship award amounts may vary from those requested based on internal budget and expected outcomes of the event/request. Furthermore, sponsorship awards are based on carefully calculated criteria, including but not limited to exclusivity, visibility and mutual benefit for our organizations.

Lastly, the Riverside Foundation is our internal gifting destination and fundraising department; the Marketing and Communications department fulfills sponsorship requests and is not able to provide fundraising support through sponsorship applications.

Complete Sponsorship Application