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We believe that healthcare is a lifelong relationship between you, the patient, and the medical professionals you rely on and trust. Our Riverside Care Difference philosophy is to treat the people we care for the same way we would those we love, because our goal is to help you achieve the best possible health outcomes at every stage of your life.

Magnifying Glass

A Wish Come True

Lisa Krasa, a speech therapist at The Gardens, did some detective work to help a resident find an estranged daughter. With Lisa's help, they reconnected after many years, making this resident's wish come true.

Lisa Krasa - Speech Therapist

Lisa Krasa
Lunch Apple

Lunch for Someone in Need

Tonya Dize, a nurse at Shore Medical Center at Metompkin, gave her own stock of lunch supplies to a patient who mentioned at check-in that he didn't have food. "I cannot imagine a better way to exhibit our Care Difference,"
the teammate who nominated her said.

Tonya Dize - Nurse

Tonya Dize
speech bubbles

Provided Friendship

Tracey Evans, an echocardiographer, spent three hours talking to a 13-year-old patient who was refusing to cooperate with an exam. Evans not only got the job done, but she also provided friendship by talking to the girl
about sports and school. She was
able to explain why the procedure was
important for the patient.

Tracy Evans - Echocardiographer

Tracey Evans
Winter Coat

Offered Clothing Off Her Back

Ordinary acts become extraordinary when they are part of caring for others as we would care for those we love. Sophie Toliver, office assistant at Riverside Endocrinology & Diabetes Specialists, gave her coat and scarf to a shivering patient and her baby
on a 37-degree day.

Sophie Toliver - Office Assistant

Sophie Toliver
Cell Phone

After Hours Testing

A man battling a prolonged illness could not be brought in for an outpatient MRI during normal hours at RWRH. Technologist Richard Knowles knew the family was concerned, so before leaving for the day, he gave his personal phone number to the Emergency Room doctor, and when the patient arrived, he came back
in to conduct the test. "If that was my
father, I would want someone to do that
for him," Richard said.

Richard Knowles - Technologist

Richard Knowles

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