Andrea Staskiel, CSA (Certified Senior Advisor)
Director of Marketing and Sales

Andrea StaskielAndrea Staskiel spent the first part of her professional career working in the insurance industry as a partner and vice-president of a large independent insurance agency in Virginia. With a commitment to providing the highest levels of customer experience and a passion for serving others, Andrea was nationally recognized as a leader in the industry. As the Director of Marketing and Sales at Warwick Forest, Andrea’s commitment to providing security and assurance has been redirected to offer guidance and assistance to retired individuals about full-service retirement communities as well as other retirement options. Her personal goal is to help more people enjoy a retirement lifestyle that is rich in all facets of life that make them feel happy and fulfilled while eliminating as many headaches and stressors as possible. Andrea is a lifelong resident of the Virginia Peninsula and is married with two young sons. She is a graduate of The College of William and Mary and has many interests, which include skiing, biking, and running. Andrea is very much a “people-person” and enjoys getting to know others and learning from their stories and experiences. To contact Andrea directly, please click here.

Natalie Rogers, CSA (Certified Senior Advisor)
Marketing Manager & Lifestyle Advisor
Natalie Rogers Headshot Small
Natalie began her journey at Warwick Forest in the summer of 2010. She has worked here in many capacities beginning as an intern here while attending William and Mary for her Art and Business Degrees. Meeting and working with varieties of people is her passion and that's why she loves marketing so much. Being a Lifestyle Advisor/Marketing Manager is important because it offers her these opportunities to guide older adult's to take control in their retirement planning. "I love the neighbors here. They are true role models in their kindness, thoughtful insights and their drive to pursue life to the fullest." She hails from Texas, but has lived in the Hampton Roads area for many years now. She is a graduate of William and Mary, and beyond her love for marketing, she has a passion for art, specifically in sculptural design and creation. To contact Natalie directly, please
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Garnet Gilmore, CSA (Certified Senior Advisor)
Marketing Manager & Lifestyle Advisor
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Garnet first joined the Warwick Forest community in July of 2013 as the Community Liaison. In March of 2014, she eagerly accepted the role of Lifestyle Advisor and Marketing Manager. Garnet is a graduate of William and Mary with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Minor in Business. She has a passion for working with older adults and enjoys the friendships that develop as a result. "I enjoy meeting people and hearing about their adventures. It also gives me a great sense of satisfaction when I am able to help someone take charge of and plan their future." Garnet is originally from West Point, Virginia. She loves her home state and especially the Hampton Roads area. Outside of Warwick Forest, she has a passion for cycling and enjoys hiking with her children. To contact Garnet directly, please click here.