Diabetes Services

Diabetes Services
The Riverside Shore Diabetes Center is located on the hospital’s third floor. For more information, call (757) 414-8351.

Riverside Shore Diabetes Center is certified by the American Diabetes Association and works closely with the Riverside Regional Medical Center’s Diabetes Center of Excellence. We offer specialized programs to help successfully manage diabetes and minimize the impact of the disease on health and quality of life.

At Riverside Shore Diabetes Center, we work closely with the patient’s primary care doctor to help teach patients how to manage their diabetes. We offer individual and group education that can:

  • Help identify the signs and symptoms of high and low blood sugar.
  • Teach patients how to control blood sugar levels and lose extra weight by adopting a healthy diet.
  • Help increase physical activity in a way that is beneficial and enjoyable.
  • Tailor a program of testing and medication management to each patient’s individual needs.
  • Help identify warning signs of diabetes-related complications.
  • Help get the emotional and community support patients need to handle stress as they adapt to their new lifestyle.

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