Having a Baby - You're Pregnant

You're PregnantCongratulations on your pregnancy! You may be setting out on a path that's been followed many times before … but it leads to a destination that's entirely yours. At Riverside we deliver over 3,000 babies a year, which gives us a lot of expertise and experience. But what's equally important for you is that we never forget that each birth is unique and highly personal.  So along with providing exceptional care, we work hard to make sure this very special time in your life — pregnancy, delivery and beyond — is positive and memorable for you, your baby and your family.

First Steps
Once you find out you're pregnant, you may be a little surprised at all the things you need to think about. That's why we developed First Steps.

Riverside 's First Steps program is your complete resource for good information during and after pregnancy.  To get started, pick up your First Steps Guide at any of our OB physician offices. The Guide provides a quick and easy way to familiarize yourself with Riverside's wide range of birthing services and special classes, plus a calendar for your appointments with your doctor, what you can expect when you — and then you and your baby — are at Riverside, some important checklists, a labor log sheet and other helpful tools and tips.

Be sure see your doctor on an ongoing basis during pregnancy. It's an important step toward staying healthy during these important months.  Next sign up for the First Steps Newsletter,10 months of useful information that will guide you through pregnancy and childbirth with tips, thoughts and reminders that this is one of life's most incredible journeys. Click here to sign up to receive your free monthly newsletters via your email.

Riverside also offers a wide range of classes that will help provide the very best experience possible for new mothers, infants and families plus the First Steps book Preparing for Childbirth that will increase your knowledge and raise your comfort level as you prepare for the birth of your baby.
Pre-Register For Baby’s Birth
We recommend that you pre-register for your hospital stay around the 8th month of your pregnancy. To pre-register, you can visit the Admitting Department at Riverside Regional Medical Center, pre-register online, or download and mail the pre-registration form (pdf) within 30 days of your expected delivery date. Forms will not be accepted more than 30 days prior to your expected due date. 

By pre-registering, you can give us the information we need for your hospital record before it’s time for you to come to the hospital. This helps us prepare for your arrival in advance and allows you to focus more completely on having your baby.
  more Interact: Pre-register Online.

Choose A Doctor For Baby
Please remember that during your pregnancy you’ll need to choose a doctor to care for your newborn. We will ask you for the name of the doctor you have chosen when you come to the hospital.
  more Select a Physician: Visit Riverside Medical Group.

Pack Your Suitcase
As your expected delivery date approaches, be sure you have packed or made a list of those things you plan to pack for your hospital stay. Each mother receives an admission packet that includes personal hygiene care items. If you’d like to bring a radio, CD player or similar item, be sure it is battery-operated only.
  more For more information: Pack Your Suitcase Checklist.

Tours, Classes and Special Programs
Riverside offers a variety of classes and other programs for mothers-to-be and their support persons including:

  -Expectant Parents Tour
-Big Brothers & Big Sisters Tour
-Childbirth Preparation Course
-Dyna-Mom Exercise Program
-Nutrition Counseling For Good Health
  more For more information: Find a Tour, Class, or Other Program.

Our Antepartum Unit
If your physician determines that you need to be admitted to the hospital prior to your expected delivery date, we will admit you to our Antepartum Unit. This unit specializes in caring for women having high-risk pregnancies. Located directly adjacent to the Labor and Delivery Unit, the Antepartum Unit has seven private rooms and features centralized fetal monitoring by registered nurses.


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