Riverside Celebrates Older Americans Month

May is Older Americans Month, a proud tradition since 1963 that shows our nation's commitment to celebrating the contributions and achievements of older Americans. Riverside encourages older Americans to stay engaged, active and involved in their own lives and in their communities.

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National Senior Health & Fitness Day on May 30.
Join us Wednesday, May 30 as we celebrate the 19th annual National Senior Health & Fitness Day. The common goal for this day: to help keep older Americans healthy and fit.

To help celebrate the day, Riverside Wellness and Fitness Centers are inviting all seniors 55 and older to use our Centers for FREE with fitness/pool privileges. So spread the word and bring a friend with you for a workout!  Call (757) 875-7525 for details.

Walk with the Docs
Also on May 30th join us for a special Walk with the Docs from 7:30 am to 8:30 am at the Patrick Henry Mall. This walk gives you a chance to get some good exercise and get specific healthcare questions answered while you walk with Riverside family practice specialist Dr. Paul Evans along the measured course that Riverside has designated in the mall. Then stick around to hearboard-certified neurologist John Livingstone talk about the latest information on stroke at 9:00am. The walk is free. The lecture is free. The coffee is free. And the results can be highly valuable for your health.

Never Too Old to Play? What do you do to stay active?
If you're 55+, we want to hear your story. Share how you stay active on our Facebook page or use the form below.

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Looking for ways to get active? It doesn't have to be hard. You're never too old to play!

  • Volunteer at Riverside or elsewhere in your community!
  • Looking for a good card game? Give your local senior center a call.
  • Practice yoga. Learn new ways to stay flexible and active.
  • Write a cookbook. Show everyone just how talented you are.
  • Stay active! Taking a walk can stave off aches and pains and improve health.
  • Fight dementia. Doing a crossword puzzle can improve brain function and keep you sharp.
  • Want to make an impact in your community? Mentor a youth in your area!
  • Always wanted to learn Tai-Chi? No better time than now.
  • Create a work of art. Show the world your artistic side.
  • Pick a game, hobby, or group to get involved with.
  • Dance on. Dancing reduces stress, increases levels of serotonin, and provides an overall sense of wellbeing.
  • Dancing is a low impact exercise that offers a safe and fun way to stay fit.
  • Build brainpower. Dance forces us to memorize steps, routines, and dance patterns.
  • Play an instrument. It improves memory, coordination, and concentration.
  • Take up the arts. Arts education encourages cognitive development, increases creativity, & improves self-esteem.
  • Visit a museum or art gallery. It will stimulate your mind and put you in touch with your creative side.

About Riverside's Lifelong Health and Aging Related Services
Riverside's Lifelong Health and Aging Related Services is one of the largest providers of services for Older Adults in the mid Atlantic. Our full continuum of services keeps the older adult in control of their future as they age, in the place of their choosing. Our unmatched team of physicians - led by Dr. Kyle Allen, one of the nation's leading geriatric physicians - is dedicated to serving older adults with understanding and compassion for the unique challenges of aging. They always treat the whole person by acknowledging chronic medical issues, not just the day's episodic illness.



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