Brain Attack (Stroke) Program

A brain attack or “stroke” occurs when there is bleeding into the brain or normal blood flow to the brain is blocked. Within minutes of being deprived of essential nutrients, brain cells start dying, a process that may continue for several hours.

Riverside Regional Medical Center is a certified Primary Stroke Center, the first to serve the peninsula community. Our program and care plan starts with the medical staff in the Riverside Emergency and Trauma Center who are specially trained to quickly recognize and treat stroke symptoms. On-staff Riverside neurosurgeons and neurologists are available 24 hours a day to care for stroke patients.  Riverside's Stroke Program includes all phases of care including rehabilitation and outpatient treatment.  

Riverside Emergency and Trauma Center, located on the campus of Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News, is the only accredited Emergency and Trauma Center serving the Virginia Peninsula and surrounding areas. It is staffed around the clock with Board Certified Emergency and Trauma Physicians trained in the most advanced lifesaving procedures, using some of the most advanced technology available. In addition to using the latest 128-slice CT scanner where images of the brain can be seen in far greater detail than traditional 64-slice scanners, they administer state of the art, innovative emergency care for strokes includes highly specialized, hypothermic treatment. This procedure helps cool the body to a lower temperature, reducing the needs for brain cells to draw as much oxygen and nutrients from the blood so that both can be conserved.  This gives doctors more time to treat the patient in the hope of reducing permanent damage caused by an inadequate supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain.

Physician specialists such as neurologists and neurosurgeons are on staff and available 24/7 to our emergency & trauma physicians to provide highly specialized, near immediate patient care and consultation. 

Stroke Recovery Rehabilitation Program
Located on the banks of the Hampton Roads Harbor in Newport News, Riverside Rehabilitation Institute is home to Board Certified physicians specializing in rehabilitative care. Our physicians direct the stroke rehabilitation program and under their direction, a team of professionals work together to offer a broad range of physical, occupational, therapeutic, psychological, speech, nutritional, pastoral and other therapies and services with a goal of helping each patient achieve their highest possible level of function and independence. 

Outpatient Care
Riverside also offers a full array of outpatient services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and psychological services in eight convenient locations.

Home Care
Located at Riverside Regional Medical Center and designed to bridge the transition from an inpatient to home setting, Riverside opened its first home health agency in 1982. A second opened in the upper Middle Peninsula/Northern Neck area, enabling the extension of services to all residents on the Peninsula, Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck areas of Virginia. Services include nursing, physical, occupational, and speech therapy, as well as home health assistance.


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