Spine, Neck and Back Conditions

If you have back and neck pain, you know, firsthand, that it can keep you from enjoying everyday activities. Most pain can be relieved within a few weeks or months using non-surgical treatments.

When more conservative treatments haven’t worked, surgery may be the best answer. At Riverside, back surgeries are handled by our neurosurgeons, who are specialty trained in the complexities of operating on the brain and spine.  But, before you have surgery, our neurosurgeons will work with you on nonsurgical treatments to provide relief.

And if surgery is needed, our neurosurgeons can offer you the most advanced, minimally invasive surgical procedures available.

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Understanding Back Pain
To understand the cause of your back or neck pain or condition, it is helpful to understand how the spine is constructed.

About your spine
Your spine is a series of individual bones called vertebrae that are separated by disks.

The vertebrae are essentially short hollow tubes. Running through these tubes is a bundle of nerves called the spinal cord. 

Disks sit between the vertebrae. Made up of a tire-like outer band and a gel-like inner substance, your disks act as shock absorbers, helping to hold the vertebrae together and providing additional protection for your spinal cord.

Nerves carrying messages to and from your arms and legs, enter and exit through gaps in the vertebrae. Your spine also has facet joints, which help movement and flexibility.

Muscles, tendons and ligaments help hold the spine upright so that most of the weight of your upper body is transferred through the spine to your hips and legs.

Your spine is divided into regions each with a different shape of vertebrae. The four regions are:

  • Neck or cervical spine 
  • Chest or thoracic vertebrae
  • Lower back or lumbar vertebrae
  • Hip region or tail bone composed of fused vertebrae in the sacrum and coccyx

See, Anatomy of the spine (Image)

Here are some of the most common back and neck diseases and conditions:

Back Pain

 Neck Pain

 Spine Conditions and Diseases



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