Wait at Home with InQuicker

Riverside is pleased to offer our patients the convenience of online emergency room and urgent care appointments so that you can hold your place in line and wait for your pre-scheduled appointment in the comfort of your home -- or anywhere else you choose. This service is especially convenient for parents with young children and for frail patients where a home setting is a more comfortable waiting environment for the patient.

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How to hold your place in line if you need to be seen in the emergency room or urgent care center.
Using InQuicker is fast, easy and free. Regular charges for diagnosis and treatment still apply.

Emergencies happenTo reserve your place in line, click on the red "hold my place in line" button above, select from either Emergency Room or Urgent Care locations, and select an available appointment time, register, and wait in the comfort of your home or any other location you choose before coming to your scheduled appointment. Arrive on time and our medical team (a doctor and/or physician assistant) will see you within 15 minutes or you'll be refunded your InQuicker fee.*

InQuicker emergency room and urgent care online registration and appointment scheduling should only be used if you have an emergency that is non-life threatening. Do not use InQuicker if you need immediate, life-saving treatment. Go directly to an emergency room or call 911.


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