Frequently Asked Questions about InQuickER

What if my condition requires immediate medical treatment?
If you need immediate medical treatment, do not use InQuickER. Call 911 or go directly to an emergency room. You should only use InQuickER if you have a non-life threatening emergency. 

Isn't emergency room treatment based on who is the sickest? 
How does InQuickER work?
Most emergency rooms including Riverside use a patient evaluation system called "triage." Triage is the process of prioritizing treatment based on the severity of each patient's condition. As a result, patients with less severe emergencies may wait a little longer than patients with more severe conditions who receive priority treatment. 

InQuickER allows patients with non-life threatening emergency conditions to wait at home rather than in the waiting room.  The InQuickER system looks at the average projected time it will take for registered patients to be treated by medical staff, and then projects the next available "appointment" time.  

What if a more urgent patient arrives at my treatment time and I am not seen within 15 minutes of my appointment?
If the emergency room triage nurse determines that another patient has a greater need of immediate treatment when you arrive, that patient will receive priority care. If a doctor or physician assistant is unable to see you within 15-minutes of your appointment time, the InQuickER convenience fee of $24.99 will be reimbursed. Keep in mind we are expecting you, so we have the opportunity, if needed, to secure additional medical staff in advance of upcoming appointments.

Does reserving my place in line through InQuickER help me get seen faster?
No. Patients who pay a convenience fee to hold their place in line are not seen any faster than patients who walk into the emergency room and register in person.  Appointment availability is based on first seeing all patients currently registered in the emergency room. The InQuickER service simply provides patients the option of choosing the next available appointment and waiting for the appointment somewhere other than the emergency room.    

Where is InQuickER offered?
Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News is the only Virginia hospital offering the InQuickER service. InQuickER is offered by other patient-centered hospitals in states across the country.  As an additional service to our patients, we also post our emergency room wait time to see a doctor at and update it every 10-minutes.  

To hold your place in line, register now.


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