Patient Stories

When you make a commitment to quality, good things happen every day. At Riverside, we’re proud of the following stories of quality as told by our neighbors and friends. If you would like to share your story, click on "Tell Us Your Story" below.

Tara Bowman

"When I injured my knee in a skiing accident, I was told by the first aid team on location that it was probably just a sprain, but that I should follow-up with my doctor. When I returned home and saw orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Barbaro Perez, he discovered the damage was much more extensive than initially thought and that I would require surgery. I was pretty apprehensive and concerned about how the surgery would affect my active lifestyle - especially competitive golf, which was to begin soon. Dr. Perez checked in on me during my pre-surgery physical therapy and several times after surgery. I've started training for competitive golf again and frankly, I feel better and stronger than before my accident, thanks to Dr. Perez and his team."


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