Concurrent Enrollment Program

ODU School of Nursing

The Concurrent Enrollment Program presents an opportunity for individuals to obtain a BSN in a timely manner while remaining in their local community. In this program, nursing students will complete upper division BSN nursing courses online at Old Dominion University while concurrently enrolled in prelicensure nursing courses in the Riverside Professional Nursing Program. This option offers a seamless progression from completion of the diploma program at Riverside to completion of the BSN at ODU. This is a rigorous program of study and is not intended for every student. Many students may prefer to complete the BSN after successful completion of the RN program.

Concurrent Enrollment Admission Eligibility:

  • Confirmed admission to Riverside School of Health Careers Professional Nursing Program.
  • Admission to Old Dominion University as a degree seeking student.
  • Successful completion of all required non-nursing courses prior to the start of online BSN courses:

English 110C *                                                            Foreign Language I *
English 111C *                                                            Foreign Language II *
English 112L or 144L **                                              Statistics 130M
Biology 103                                                                 Psychology 203S
Biology 250                                                                 Sociology 201S
Biology 251                                                                 Fine Arts Perspective *
Natural Science *                                                        History Perspective **
Chemistry 105/106N                                                   Philosophy Perspective *              

*2nd degree students have automatically fulfilled these requirements.

The ODU BSN courses will be completed online. The program begins every Fall and Spring semester. Apply by June 1st for the Fall and October 1st for the Spring. Late applications will be considered.

Following graduation from the Riverside Professional Nursing Program and successful completion of the NCLEX-RN licensure exam, the student will be awarded 33 nursing transfer credits (at no cost) toward completion of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree (BSN).

For more information about the Concurrent Enrollment Program call the Old Dominion School of Nursing at 1-800-yourBSN (1-800-968-7276) or e-mail Janice Hawkins, ODU Academic Advisor.

Old Dominion University School of Nursing, Norfolk, VA

Phone Number(s):
1-800-yourBSN (1-800-968-7276)


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