Riverside's Top 50+ of Hampton Roads

Physicians of Riverside Medical Group (RMG) earned the respect of their peers from all across Hampton Roads as 50+ Riverside physicians in more than 20 specialties were named as Top Docs, as reported by Hampton Roads Magazine. Learn more about the honored physicians of Riverside from the list below to choose your Top Doc.

Top Docs

Surgical Specialists

Cardiac/Thoracic Surgery
Dr. Paul L. Evans Jr.

Colon & Rectal Surgery
Dr. Brian J. Billings

Gynecologic Oncology
Dr. William P. Irvin

General Surgery
Dr. Marshall A. Cross
Dr. Scott F. Reed

Dr. Dean B. Kostov
Dr. William H. McAllister IV

Vascular Surgery
Dr. Joseph J. Piotrowski

Dr. Kimberly W. Schlesinger
Dr. Craig Franzman

Dr. Dennie T. Bartol
Interventional/Diagnostic, Riverside Affiliate

Dr. Jonathan H. Demeo
Diagnostic, Riverside Affiliate

Dr. Thomas A. Pincus
Diagnostic, Riverside Affiliate

Dr. David J. Schengber
Diagnostic, Riverside Affiliate

Dr. Janice Newsome
Interventional, Riverside Affiliate

Dr. Edward Chu
Dr. Richard R. Edwards
Dr. William O. Harris III
Dr. Paul J. Micale
Dr. Charles M. Vaughan

Emergency Medicine
Dr. James A. Fish Jr.
Dr. Gary S. Kavit

Family Practice
Dr. Jay W. Floyd
Dr. Charles K. Phillips

Dr. John W. Boyd
Dr. Frederick M. Gessner
Dr. Ray L. James Jr.
Dr. Mark A. Titus

Internal Medicine
Dr. Denise Y. Duhon
Dr. Robert R. Harding
Dr. Kimberly A. Ratcliffe
Dr. Mark E. Souther

Dr. David J. Connito
Dr. John C. Gretes
Dr. Robert J. Pusateri

Dr. John N. Livingstone II
Dr. H. Blair Marsteller

Obstetrics/ Gynecology
Dr. Lisa A. Casanova
Dr. Stanley D. Yeatts II

Dr. Denise A. Chamblee
Dr. Steven E. Kitay
Dr. Steven G. Spellman
Dr. Gary A. Tanner

Dr. Peter T. Galantich
Dr. Pierre T. Martin
Dr. Joseph F. Wilson

Dr. John C. Maddox
Riverside Affiliate
Dr. Anthony J. Caterine

Pulmonary Disease
Dr. C. Delp Givens
Dr. John C. Perry
Dr. Eric A. Weiner

Dr. Raouf (Ron) Gharbo
Dr. Mark A. Ross

Dr. David B. Maxwell

Dr. Scott V. Burgess
Dr. Steven E. Marks
Dr. Henry M. Prillaman
Dr. Richard G. Rento II

*The list of Top Doctors is a compilation of 7,464 recommendations from 4,833 area physicians surveyed.


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