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There really is some good news about prostate cancer

GardeningNobody ever said a diagnosis of prostate cancer isn’t a big deal. Hearing a doctor tell you that you have prostate cancer can be a frightening prospect.  But one thing you’ll want to remember is that when your physician finds prostate cancer at an early stage, your chances of survival are excellent.  Over the past decade there have been great strides in detecting cancer and treating the disease with reduced side effects.  And that is good news.

What’s the “best” prostate cancer treatment for you?
A diagnosis of prostate cancer doesn’t necessarily mean surgery. The urologists of Riverside Urology Specialists are helping to change the prostate cancer experience through innovative treatments that focus on individual needs. Options include cancer-fighting medications, radiation therapy, and sometimes “watchful waiting” is the best treatment.

The most effective prostate cancer treatment depends on your age and general health, the stage of the cancer, its exact location and your personal decision. For an overview of prostate cancer, visit riversideonline and click on the MayoClinic.com Health Library’s A-Z topic list.  This valuable resource can help you get some initial information on treatment options, possible outcomes and side effects.

In all cases, the more you know about prostate cancer treatment options, the better prepared you will be to work with your doctor to choose the best prostate cancer treatment for you.

For a personalized evaluation talk with your family doctor or call Riverside Urology Specialists (757) 873-1374 (Newport News) or (757) 253-0051 (Williamsburg). The Physicians of Riverside Urology Specialists offer patient-centered care for a full spectrum of urological conditions including prostate cancer.

What should I know about da Vinci prostatectomy (surgical removal of the prostate)?
Riverside Urology Specialists is the first urology practice on the Peninsula to utilize the da Vinci robotic surgery system.  This innovative technology has achieved excellent results in removing prostate cancer without leaving cancer cells and has provide prostate cancer patients with other important benefits: 

  • Improved and early return of sexual function: Studies have shown that most men who experience da Vinci robotic surgery have an increased probability of preserving sexual function and avoiding impotence.
  • Improved and early return of urinary continence: Studies also indicate that most patients have a rapid return to urinary continence (bladder control) following da Vinci surgery.
  • Improved outcomes: Patients may benefit from surgical removal of localized prostate cancer (cancer that has not spread beyond the prostate). Extensive studies show that surgery has a higher and longer survival rate than other treatments as well as a lower risk of long-term complications.

In addition, da Vinci robotic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure carried out through very small incisions with exceptional precision.  As a result, patients can experience significantly less pain and blood loss, less scarring, shorter recovery and a faster return to normal activities.

For more information call  Riverside Urology Specialists at (757) 873-1374 (Newport News) or (757) 253-0051 (Williamsburg).  And learn more about how we’re helping men get back to the life they want after prostate cancer treatment.