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Taking care of our customers requires a team effort. Some individuals provide direct patient care, while others work behind the scenes, making sure everything works seamlessly. All of our team members perform valuable roles and help to insure that you receive quality care and excellent service.

Comments - from anonymous patient surveys completed during 2014

  • Thank you all for amazing advice, complete support, and a lot of help. Thank you.
  • I would recommend Riverside Behavioral Center to someone else
  • In the end I learned several things about myself
  • Amazingly supportive and kind staff. Wonderful staff.
  • I had a good experience here. They really know what they are doing.
  • The nurses are nice and the therapists are very nice and understanding.
  • Staff was patient, kind, understanding and extremely helpful. Made a difficult day so much easier.
  • The admission process was very easy and I didn't have to do anything.
  • Great job!!! You made my life possible.
  • Everyone cordial & professional.
  • Staff was very thorough and pleasant. Kept me very safe.
  • Everyone was very helpful and provided me with all necessary information.
  • Excellent care here with stay at Riverside Behavioral Health Center.
  • This experience overall was very helpful. I found out why I was depressed & angry and various ways to deal with it.
  • Positive attitude and respect by staff.
  • Everything good, I feel so much better.
  • I loved the way they treated me when I first came in and when I was here. They're the best.
  • Very helpful to me how I can reach out to friend and family.
  • I use to have low self-esteem but now this hospital has helped me to not think so low of myself and be confident in me.
  • My mood has gotten so much better. I am able to feel good. I feel re energized.
  • Riverside's ARTP is phenomenal! My daughter is so fortunate to have been admitted into this facility. We are so happy to see our daughter much more stable in her moods and USING the coping skills she had acquired.
  • Super helpful in helping us understand everything about our son's condition.
  • Show caring, all great at their job.
  • Nurses were super great at answering our questions. Caring and compassionate.
  • Provided us with substantial amount of information on our son's condition. Wonderful with helping my son understand his condition and giving him tools to help with ongoing treatment. We are very happy with everything the physician has done to help him.
  • Every contact with staff when visiting with our son was great.
  • Staff were informative during admission.
  • This is a wonderful place to get in back in touch with yourself and allow your feelings to be heard.
  • The staff was very professional, caring, courteous, helpful, respectful, and friendly.
  • Staying was a great benefit to me. Learned better coping skills. W@as good to talk to others dealing with similar problems.
  • The nurses were very helpful and nice.
  • All off the nurses on staff were amazing and I'm glad to have them here for me.
  • I would recommend this facility to anyone who needs help.
  • The psychiatrist was very good to me never had a problem all way keep me up to date.
  • Loved the happiness of the unit. I felt very comfortable in the day room.
  • From the first call to Riverside we always received courteous, understanding help from the staff.
  • Brilliant job, my life has improved greatly.
  • I had a very good experience I was able to recover.
  • I have learned a lot and my life has improved.
  • I had an experience I will never forget. Thank you for all your help. I am one step closer to sobriety.
  • I would recommend this hospital to anyone I have been here 3 times, & if I had to I come back again.
  • I love this hospital, this is my second time being here. I will come back if I need help from a mental ward.
  • The experience has given me hope and changed my life.

Comments -  regarding team members received during 2013

Andre Allsop… Although I only had one meeting with him, it was so effective. He made me very comfortable to share my issues.

Angeal Hazel… She is the reason I opened up and started to share in groups and start in the programs.

Dana Graziano-Joens… She is awesome, on top of things, she remembers your name, as well as your needs, always wore a smile no matter the time of day and extremely professional.

Dane Coates... When I came to this hospital I was expecting my visit to be much different but Dane was respectful and treated me like I was a real adult, not like a crazy person like other places have. He is sincere about caring about his patients and very charming!

David Fields… Charismatic, always wanted to lend a helping hand. He took time to talk to each patient, he gave good coping skills to use when you're extremely depressed.

Dr. Schlobohm… He is great doctor, who takes extra time to answer my many questions and explains in great detail. He encourages me, guides me, & gives me hope. He is a kind & caring man and is a very special doctor; I have been blessed to have him help me.

Frances Hicks… Is a kind caring person who has been a great help not only for me but my daughter who is also a patient. I appreciate everything that she has done for us. Her encouraging words help out in many ways that she could never know.

Terry Rosenbaum… She is always kind, courteous, nice & very professional. She always has a smile that can brighten my mood, if only for a moment. Very dependable and a positive asset to the outpatient services.

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