Customer Comments - 2012

We appreciate the kind words from those who trusted us to provide care and treatment in 2012.

Comments from 2012

Stephanie Hill… Ms. Hill has got to be the funniest and sweetest person I’ve met. She was down to earth and told you what you needed to hear. She was open and very helpful. I’m thankful for the staff at Riverside and glad I came for help.

Sonia Purkey… Sonia used DBT super-effectively to assist my daughter in using skills to cope with the stress in her life.

Maria Dickerson… Always concerned for others.

Lanie Watson… She has always treated me with the upmost respect and always had a smile on her face.

Kevin Boston… He helped me realize what to do with my life.

Dr. Starkey… He made me feel very comfortable and gave me a positive opinion in the middle of my very negative situation.

Dr. Schlobohm… I have been seen by many psychiatrists and Dr. Schlobohm is by far the best.

Donnell Warren… He was very kind and made me feel like family.

Donna Bradshaw… She just has to help people. She cares for all the kids as if we are her own.

Dana Graziano-Jones… She made me feel more comfortable being here. She even helped me call my wife.

Cassandra Donnelly… She helped me relieve my stress using art.

Capri Mahaffey… She made me smile my first day here. She is a customer service superstar.

Billie Baber… She is a wonderful, caring woman, who is like a mom here. On my first night she helped me feel safe.

Andre' Allsopp… He took time to listen and help me look at my situation from a different perspective. He gave me quite a bit of insight on how to continue the healing process. I am thankful for his dedication.

Alanna Patterson… She was really easy to talk to and really tried to make me feel human.

Andre' Allsopp... He took the time to talk and listen to me individually. Treated me with respect. He talked to my husband and reassured him. Led excellent group sessions that helped me.

Angela Toscano... Great job knowledge and superior professionalism, along with making the patients feel that they do matter.

Ann Muir... She is what others in the field of mental health should be - a listener, with a kind compassionate heart.

Capri Mahaffey... She helped me start a new beginning.

Maria Dickerson... She was very kind and helpful during my stay here. It is important for me and others that staff show compassion and brighten your day with a smile. She knows the answers to your questions.

Ray Price... Welcoming smile and easy to talk to. I did not want to particpate but he encouraged. Plus the group was helpful to see I am not the only one going through this.

Sonia Purkey... Sonia went above and beyond in treating our daughter and helping our family. She even helped our daughter to advocate for herself without our local school system which resulted in her receiving the funding to go to her subsequent placement. Sonia's professional, kind, and patient manner was very empowering to our entire family and helped us to empower one another.

Andre' Allsopp... Wonderful and blessed individual that has been a help in my recovery. He has taken the time, one on one with me, to help me understand and realize a lot about myself and helpful tools to overcome obstacles in my life!

Stephany Cockrum... She helped my husband and I save our marriage!

Andre' Allsopp... Words can't express how great a therapist he is. He had a big role in finding the old me (the good one).

Donna Jackson... This is a woman who never gave up on my son; she has always spoken highly of him and knew his potential. We love her.

Donnell Warren... He is my hero. He makes me laugh.

Herman Wake... This is a very sweet man. He has helped my son since he started the program a year ago. He never gave up on him and became my son's second father. My son thinks very highly of Mr. Herman. I'm sure my son will miss him the most.

Kristen Torres... Kristen has been one of the few lights in my life. She always does more than is expected; I can feel her honest and sincere caring spirit. Without hesitation, Kristen said she would drive to the pharmacy to make sure I had my prescription when it had run out and the order had not been received. Kristen has touched my heart and life. She is an employee that cannot be replaced at any cost.

Leon Harrison... He is one of the greatest people I have ever met. He is caring, giving, nice, and understanding. He never gave up on me and always pushed me to do my best.

Sam Dunn... When I was having trouble with both my pharmacy and insurance she spent a week going above and beyond her duties to help me. She made phone calls on my behalf, although she was busy, she got it all straightened out. It was complicated and stressful and nerve racking, but she was a wonderful help.

Andre' Allsopp... Very understanding, asks good questions, and very helpful advice given. He gave me direction that may help save my life.

Maria Dickerson... She is very kind and courteous and she made me feel that she really cares about me as a person and not that this was just her job to do that.

Melanie Jones... Melanie was so sweet to me and my son. She put us at ease. We felt more comfortable as she spoke to us and I felt a lot more assured that I was making the best decision for my son at this time. He felt comfortable with her too. I am very happy she was there during such a painful time for us.

Andre' Allsopp... He ROCKS! He was very motivational and inspiring.

Ann Muir... She treated me like I was a normal person. She took great care of me.

Ashley Arnsby... She cares about me and how I feel. She is like a big sister to me.

Donna Jackson... My first therapy session can tell you all about how I wanted to leave. I kept telling Mrs. Donna "ma'am you don't understand" or "ma'am you're not listening I need to go home" and even "ma'am I need a new therapist, you're not working for me." Thank God that didn't happen. But, then there was finally hope because I saw a rainbow and that rainbow was my therapist and staff. They were the rainbow that showed me the way out of the darkness.


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