Breaking new ground

Every member of our Riverside team commits to making your safety our priority

 Anyone can speak up if they see an issue, from the technician to the nurse to the team member who cleans your room. It’s all part of the Riverside Care Difference, our commitment to keep you safe, help you heal, be kind and respect your wishes.

Our safety initiative, Team Up for Safety, was launched in 2012 based on a proven formula for changing the culture, or how we do things, in the hospital setting. Now we’re pioneering expansion of the program into doctor’s offices and Lifelong Health facilities. “We’re breaking new ground,” said Alan Bennett, Riverside's director of patient safety. "Patient safety has always been a major focus for our providers and staff.  Now we're launching principles in a strategic way that will make our people and processes even more reliable."

That means you have a whole network of physicians, rehabilitation services, outpatient settings, nursing facilities and more where every member of the Riverside team is focused on keeping you safe above all else.

The goal is 0 events of preventable harm. The cornerstone of our safety culture is our five Safety Behaviors:

Our safety activities include training more than 9,000 team members and providers, including our physicians. Riverside also has more than 100 Safety Coaches, who are appointed to emphasize safety in their office or department. We have a structured process for maintaining safety, quality and service and for continuing to improve our performance at every level.

Riverside has also invested for years in technology to promote safety, including systems that require medications to be scanned against a patient's armband before they can be given, and an electronic medical record that lets your doctor and other providers access your information from anywhere.Read more about our Most Wired designation.

Safety leaders

Gross_Barry_MD"The safety of patients and team members has always been a priority at Riverside. Our Team Up for Safety program is about sharpening our focus to create a culture of safety – adopting and ingraining shared values and beliefs about how we act and interact – so that we can make our organization an even safer place."

Barry Gross, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Riverside Health System

terris-kennedy_1"Our mission is to care for every patient as we would care for those we love, and that's the heart
of how we approach safety. There's no greater gift we can give our customers than safety, kindness, healing and respect. That's what we call the Riverside Care Difference.

Dr. Terris Kennedy
Chief Nursing Officer
Riverside Health System