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Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgeon
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Marshall Cross, MD Video
General Surgeon
Bland Lawson, MD Video
Trauma Surgeon
Joe Wilson, MD Video
Head and Neck Surgeon
James Lesnick, MD Video
Neurosurgical and Spine Surgeon
Mark E. Ellis, MD Video
Medical Oncologist

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We now have over 300 physicians in Riverside Medical Group (RMG) and we’re growing!

One of the largest and most diverse multi-specialty group practices in the state of Virginia, our physicians are linked by an electronic medical record system that is leading the nation, now able to provide fast access to quality medical care for our 485,000 patients by interconnecting 300 physicians in 132 locations across Hampton Roads.

Connected by good communications
RMG is strongly committed to maintaining better communications between the patient and physician, between patients and the medical care team treating them and between physicians and the hospital. This strong link is made possible by RMG’s pioneering use of electronic medical records, a computer-based alternative to traditional hand-written paper charts. Through a combination of information technology and medical knowledge, these highly secure electronic medical records, which number nearly 500,000, provide a higher quality documentation of patient care that can speed up healthcare decisions, increase convenience, improve patient safety and, ultimately, save lives.

RMG benefits today
As part of the benefits available through electronic medical records, patients have access to a sophisticated medical management and monitoring system that helps assure that they are getting the right medications in the right doses.  Using a secure communication portal, patients can also communicate with their physician’s office with appointment requests, pharmacy refill requests and other needs, 24 hours a day.

Along with using electronic medical records to provide better patient care RMG physicians use the same technology to gain faster, closer access to their colleagues within the group. As a result, RMG is better able to work together to quickly assemble a multidisciplinary medical team.  While this capability is important in a wide range of clinical situations, it is particularly valuable for patients in complex and more serious medical cases.

RMG benefits in the future
Changes in the American healthcare system have created a need for physicians who are willing and able to assume a higher level of participation and leadership within healthcare organizations.  RMG physicians have taken on this role and their relationship with Riverside Health System, which includes positions of leadership, makes it possible.

By taking on a more active voice in decisions that directly affect patient care—from the allocation of resources to participation in the governance of the organization—RMG physicians can help bring about a transformation in healthcare that is in many ways a return to an effective model of the past … a time when the most important interaction and relationship in healthcare was the one between a patient and a doctor.

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