We understand that health care expenses are often unexpected and the costs may be more than one can afford. And if you are without health insurance, we know the concerns and burdens you feel when doctor and hospital bills mount. Lack of financial resources will not get in the way of providing essential health services to you. Riverside is a not-for profit organization with a Mission of providing excellent care to all citizens, without regard for ability to pay.

Emergency or urgent care
Your care will be given without regard to your ability to pay. When you receive your bill, please contact the hospital Financial Counselor to discuss your financial situation and payment options.

When you are admitted to the hospital
Your care will be given without regard to your ability to pay. During your stay with us, a Financial Counselor may work with you or your family to apply for assistance with the hospital bill.**

** You may be eligible for Riverside's Financial Assistance Program for uninsured patients. You may also be eligible for public or private assistance programs. We will help you apply for those programs.

Elective and non-essential procedures
Medical procedures that are "elective" in nature; non-essential to your well being, fall into a different category. While we are committed to being there for all citizens in need, if you have no insurance, charges for procedures that are not essential must be paid in advance. For elective, non-essential services, we will ask that 100 percent of the estimated charges be paid prior to the scheduled service.

The Riverside Financial Assistance Program for uninsured patients
To determine eligibility, Riverside uses the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines and presumptive Financial Assistance using third party credit scoring software vendor. Liquid Assets are taken into consideration. Please contact a Financial Counselor listed below for complete Financial Assistance details.

The physicians of Riverside Medical Group (RMG) in conjunction with Riverside Health System, are committed to provide essential health care services to the community. You may be eligible for one of our Riverside Health System financial programs.

Your responsibilities
Financial assistance policies do not eliminate your personal responsibility. In order to benefit from these assistance programs, you need to provide the information required to determine your eligibility for this assistance in a timely manner.

For more information on the Financial Assistance Program and to see if you may qualify, please call our financial counselors:

  • Riverside Health System, 757-989-8830, option 3 or 800-675-6368, option 3
  • Riverside Medical Group, 757-534-6970

Decisions regarding financial assistance will be made without regard to a patient's race, national origin, citizenship, religion, creed, gender, sexual preference, age or disability.