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On Site Technology

To deliver the most comprehensive medical treatment in the most time-efficient way, MD Express has created facilities dedicated to one-stop medical care. Because we have acquired state-of-the-art equipment and employ the region’s most capable technicians, our patients can remain in one location for evaluation and diagnostic testing.

X-RayDigital X-Ray
Using the latest technology in digital x-ray innovation, our Certified Radiologic Technologists acquire images of sinus, chest and bone as ordered by the attending physician. Once taken, these digital x-rays are immediately sent to your doctor’s computer monitor for viewing and diagnosis, and can be electronically submitted instantly to hospitals and additional physicians around the world.

MD Express Williamsburg has constructed their X-ray area in the part of the building formerly housing the bank’s vault. With walls built of a foot and a half thick reinforced concrete, this may be the most unique x-ray facility in the country.

IV Fluid Administration
Our skilled nurses have great expertise in IV fluid administration for medical conditions that cause patient dehydration or require intravenous administration of necessary medicines.

When a patient come to us complaining of chest pain or discomfort, we have standing orders to expedite the patient into a treatment room to obtain an EKG immediately, which is then rushed to the physician on duty. Because time is critical in this situation, our goal is to have the EKG completed and an interpretation produced within minutes of the patient’s arrival at the clinic.

Our fully-equipped lab is equipped for analysis of venipuncture and blood withdrawal on the premises, facilitating the quick turnaround of results for diagnosis and treatment. Cell Blood Counts are done in 60 seconds on our Cell Dyn Blood Analyzer. Immediate results for diagnosis of Strep Throat, Mononucleosis, Influenza, Pregnancy, and Urinary Tract Infection are also available.

Minor Surgery
If the patient has an injury requiring suturing - such as scalp, face, trunk, or extremity lacerations - our physicians are trained to perform minor surgery, and we handle injuries of this nature every day. We routinely remove moles and other dermatological anomalies for analysis and remove fishhooks and other foreign bodies, treat dog, cat and other bites along with scratches and abrasions, remove ingrown toenails and many other conditions and injuries requiring minor surgery and suturing.

Our trained staff is highly trained to apply splints and we routinely deal with most fractures on site. We have a large supply of crutches, splints and wraps for whatever the injury might be. We train the patient before departure in the use ambulatory aids.

*Wounds that are very serious and require the equipment and setting of the hospital are stabilized and immediately transferred to the hospital of the patient’s choice.