Poppy seeds: Can they affect drug tests?

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Poppy seeds: Can they affect drug tests?


Can poppy seeds cause a false positive on a drug test?



Poppy seeds contain morphine. If you eat poppy seeds, you will excrete morphine in your urine, which may result in a positive urine test for opiates. However, the morphine level in your urine after eating poppy seeds is very low — typically below the detection threshold for most drug screening tests — and the morphine is usually cleared from your body within four hours.

To avoid any problems, don't eat poppy seeds before a drug test. If you are required to provide a urine sample after recently eating poppy seeds, tell the person collecting the sample or the doctor overseeing the testing that you recently ate poppy seeds and to take that into account.

By the way, the amount of morphine in poppy seeds is extremely low, so they won't give you a morphine "high" — no matter how many you eat.

Last Updated: 02/23/2006
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