Improving Care and the Patient Experience through Conversion to Private Rooms

The Need
Our commitment to the communities we serve involves the continual enhancement of facilities, equipment and services throughout our hospital system. This mission is reflected in our ongoing renovation of Riverside Tappahannock Hospital, which includes the conversion of its current shared patient rooms into private rooms. This important transformation not only meets the new national standard, but also gives privacy to our patients and their families during what can be a very personal time.

In order to turn our plans into a reality, the Riverside Foundation launched the "Building a Better Place to Heal" capital campaign. Its success — which then translates into providing the best possible care, technology and safety for people in the region — requires the support of our entire community, including the local businesses and larger corporate entities that serve it.

The Gift
A multi-phase corporate donation by SHI International Corporation directed to the "Building a Better Place to Heal" capital campaign to support the shared-to-private room conversion.

The Giver
SHIFounded in 1989, SHI International Corporation has rapidly expanded to become a leading provider of IT procurement, support and system management services. The organization serves a wide range of technology-oriented organizations, including academic facilities and health systems and hospitals throughout the U.S. With more than 2,400 employees worldwide, SHI is the largest Minority/Woman Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) in North America.

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The Opportunity
SHI Healthcare Account Executive, John Grady, saw the Riverside Tappahannock Hospital private room initiative as a chance to extend a business relationship into a broader community partnership: "Working with Riverside's information technology team gave me a good insight into the many resources, including technology, that are needed to support the clinical work that goes on in a hospital."

“We wanted to be part of that support. As a privately held company, we can make decisions in a timely way and avoid the kind of red tape that some organizations might get caught up in. Based on what I learned from the Riverside Foundation and the input I then provided to SHI, we were able to move quickly.”

– John Grady

As a result, SHI made a gift they felt went to the heart of health care. According to John Grady, "We stay focused on the whole purpose, the end result of our IT consulting and management work in the medical field. Ultimately, it's about people receiving the best possible care."

"I've learned how private rooms help people recover faster. They reduce the chance of infection and re-hospitalization. They provide privacy for caregivers as well as patients and families. Overall, they help create a better patient experience. When this project is completed, there will be a plaque that memorializes our contribution to the effort. It's something that will let people know that improved patient care is something we want to be associated with as individuals, and as a company."

For John Grady, the commitment transcends geography. "My family and I don't live in the Tappahannock community. But a lot of other families do, and they'll receive the benefits of the all-private rooms. Basically, we looked at where we could make the greatest impact with a philanthropic gift. We asked ourselves where we could do the most good. The answer we came up with was this initiative to convert to private rooms at Riverside Tappahannock Hospital and the fund-raising effort that supports it."

To donate to the "Building a Better Place to Heal" campaign, please Scott Brown, Director of Advancement, Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck.

Scott Brown
Phone: (804) 443-6203