Caramine Kellam lauds care at Riverside Shore Memorial

Caramine KellamThis is a story about loyalty and dogged determination. It's also a story about the joy of giving something back to the people and institutions that serve you well in times of need. Late last year, Riverside Shore Memorial Board Member Caramine Kellam had an accident that caused her one of the most painful injuries anyone can imagine. She broke a kneecap.

She was visiting in Norfolk when it happened. In excruciating pain, she did what anyone would do—head to the nearest emergency room in Norfolk. Right? Wrong! Instead, she covered her broken knee in ice packs and traveled the 50-plus miles back to Nassawadox and Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital.

"My children wanted to rush me to an emergency room in Norfolk but I told them no," Caramine says. "I'm taking my kneecap and going home! I know I'll be better cared for at Shore Memorial."

She says she made the right decision. "The care I received was just beautiful—all I expected and more. It certainly reinforced my belief that Shore Memorial is one of the real treasures we have on the Eastern Shore."

Caramine has been a long-time supporter of the hospital, serving in many capacities in addition to her current position as a member of the Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital Board. But she says being a patient gives you a whole new perspective on how truly compassionate, thoughtful, and professional the caregivers at the hospital really are.

"This was the first time I'd really seen things from the ‘inside-out,' so to speak. When you're hurting, you need reassurance and kindness as well as medical care. I'm so grateful to the whole staff at Shore for the care they gave me and the care they give to every patient who comes through the door," she says.

Caramine is adamant about one thing. Showing gratitude should be more than just a polite thank you. She believes strongly in "giving back" whether it's through volunteer service or financial support. "My parents taught me that giving back to support your community is not an optional choice," she says.

"We are so fortunate to have Shore Memorial here, and now to have such a strong partner in Riverside. I believe we must all contribute in whatever way we can to make sure that we will always meet our community's healthcare needs."

Editor's note: In addition to serving on the Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital Board, Caramine is also a member of the Riverside Foundation Board and the Riverside Health System Board. She's a generous donor and also active with the Shore Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, which raises as much as $100,000 annually to fund needed projects at the hospital.

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