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Cancer affects not only the body, but the mind and spirit - it's part of the reason why remarkable care is perhaps most impactful for those
facing cancer.

Recognizing a gap in breast care among certain populations of women, the team at Riverside has become a vital resource in our community to providing essential breast health care to underserved women.

While Riverside is committed to give everyone we encounter personal attention and peace of mind, your generous support is needed to ensure we are able to provide the best cancer care this region has to offer and assist our patients who need care beyond what they might typically expect, or what some can afford.

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Join us in making life a little easier for those battling cancer by making a gift to the Dr. Mark E. Ellis Endowment Fund for Cancer Care Advancement or the Tree of Life Cancer Care Fund today.

The Riverside Foundation supports the following initiatives for cancer care advancement and patient assistance:

Dr. Mark E. Ellis Endowment Fund for Cancer Care Advancement
Dr. Mark E. EllisIntegrative medicine, a program pioneered by the late Dr. Mark E. Ellis, seeks to combat cancer by treating the whole person: body, mind and spirit. It combines top oncology care with dietary, music, massage, pet and yoga therapies - methods that can decrease stress, pain and even side effects while promoting health and wellness. Our integrative medicine team is dedicated to the well being of our patients, and provides one-on-one guidance and support throughout the healing process. Your contribution will fund these efforts and allow us to expand them to other Riverside care sites. Every gift to the Dr. Mark E. Ellis Endowment Fund makes life a little easier for those battling this terrible disease.

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Tree of Life Cancer Care Fund
tree-of-lifeTo cancer patients, the smallest things can mean the world. The Tree of Life was created to give support not covered by insurance or other means of financial aid. It funds unmet needs such as screening, prevention programs, faculty enhancements and community outreach, while also focusing on providing assistance needs, such as post-biopsy transportation, wigs and support programs. In association with our Every Woman's Life program, the Tree of Life also supports the women's health needs of those battling cancer.

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